Patch 14.3 Notes for Teamfight Tactics: Decreased power of Heartsteel and adjusted item drop rates

Liam Ho

Patch 14.3 for Teamfight Tactics brings more adjustments to the auto battler, including downgrades to Heartsteel and significant changes to item drop variance to enhance competitiveness.

Riot intends to alter Teamfight Tactics once again with Patch 14.3. This new patch introduces a multitude of modifications to the auto battler, including a reduction in Heartsteel success and major adjustments that will result in all players receiving an equal number of items at each stage.

When is TFT Patch 14.3 launching?

Teamfight Tactics’ new version will be available at the same time as League of Legends Patch 14.3 on Wednesday, February 7. As typical, anticipate a brief period of server downtime before the patch is live.

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What’s different in Patch 14.3?

Heartsteel downgrades

Heartsteel has demonstrated to be one of the most popular traits released with Set 10. The boyband is the stand-in for the gambling/ economy trait of the set, with the members collecting hearts that they can eventually cash out for big rewards. Riot has determined that players are winning a tad too much after they cash out, so they’re nerfing the trait slightly.

Item Drop Variance alterations

While TFT is a mostly skill-representative game, there is certainly a level of variance from game to game. Riot is striving to equalize the title a bit more by reducing the variance of the number of items players receive in each stage. Now players will always receive the same amount of items per stage.

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Teamfight Tactics Patch 14.3 notes


  • All players now receive the same number of items at each stage.
  • Addressed a loophole that allowed a Headliner trait to appear multiple times before waiting for 4 shops as intended.

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