Pennsylvania County Approves $2M Revamp of Records Management System

(TNS) — Thursday saw the approval of over $1.8 million for the modernization and connection of law enforcement records management systems across Montgomery County.

The $1.88 million agreement with CSI Technology Group, of Keasby, New Jersey, was unanimously approved by Montgomery County Commissioners.

According to county District Attorney Kevin Steele, Montgomery County has 51 different police departments, which includes the Pennsylvania State Police. Steele addressed top Montgomery officials to emphasize the significance of this seven-figure contract, noting that municipal police departments have their own systems created by various vendor companies.

The contract encompasses “modifications to the existing law enforcement system records management system to add on 17 additional police departments, including data conversion from police department existing systems.”

Steele mentioned that the county seat has experienced challenges exchanging information between the county court and district attorney’s offices, as they do not share a records management system.

Steele stated, “Because of the challenges that we have with this record management system in our law enforcement community in Montgomery County, we aren’t able to access accurate current crime data regarding arrests, trends, charges, and things of the like.”

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