Pictures of Taylor Swift AI cause uproar

A range of sexually inappropriate and offensive AI photos of Taylor Swift are circulating on X, which was previously known as Twitter, to the revulsion of many users on the platform.

AI photos are images created by artificial intelligence software using a text prompt. This can be done without a person’s consent. The platform’s users have expressed concerns about how easily AI can be utilized to publish fake photos, infringing on the subject’s privacy. Some are also taking steps to report the posts, or attempting to hide the issue as a trending topic.

Included in the AI photos of Swift being spread are some of her posing inappropriately while at a Kansas City Chiefs match. She has been present at a number of NFL matches this season during her relationship with Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ tight end. While Newsweek has viewed the photos, it is choosing not to share them in order to safeguard Swift’s privacy. These AI images were initially shared on the AI celebrity porn website Celeb Jihad on January 15. At the time of writing, they were still available.

On Monday, lewd AI photos of Swift were uploaded by X user @FloridaPigMan. They have subsequently been taken down for violating the platform’s rules. Another sexually explicit photo of Swift was posted on the website Rule 34 on November 21, 2023. At the time of writing, it was still available. AI pictures of Swift were also uploaded to the porn website Planet Suzy on December 7, 2023, the removal of which had not been implemented at the time of writing.

In tweets reviewed by Newsweek, X user @Zvbear shared some of the AI photos to his account.

“In one of his posts, he wrote “My Taylor post went viral and now everyone is posting it.”

In another post, they stated: “Bro what have I done… They might pass new laws because of my Taylor Swift post. If Netflix did a documentary about AI pics they’d put me in it as a villain. It’s never been so problematic.”

To support Swift, individuals took to the social media platform and attempted to bury the trending topic of “Taylor Swift AI” with irrelevant posts. People also reported the photos as soon as they saw them, and shared screenshots of their reports.

Some also aired their concerns about what this could indicate for the future of AI and how it could be the beginning of a worrying trend.

Unfortunately, the legal system has not yet caught up with this emerging threat, but that may eventually change. On Tuesday, two lawmakers reintroduced a bill that would make the non-consensual sharing of digitally altered pornographic images a federal crime.

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