Playing Murders at Karlov Manor: Where and How to Get in on the Action

Unravel more than homicide mysteries by immersing into a whole new metagame in Standard Constructed, Booster Draft, and more by participating in the many play opportunities available with Murders at Karlov Manor! Your first experience with the new set starts at your local game store but expands weeks into the release, with events spanning Wizards Play Network game stores and Chicago-based convention centers.

Dive into the details immediately, as the clues found within are the general details on the extensive play line-up once this set has released.

Participate in playing with Murders of Karlov Manor at a Prerelease event hosted at WPN retailers worldwide, offering you your first chance to open some new Play Boosters, assemble decks, and game with players of all types in a comfortable, welcoming, and local setting.

Defenestrated Phantasm
Agrus Kos, Spirit of Justice
Axebane Ferox

There’s so much to talk about Prerelease that we have a whole article dedicated to it, which came out today. It covers everything you need to know about playing in your Murders at Karlov Manor Prerelease, including how to build your first deck with the newest cards.

In addition, there are cards to collect you can only open in Murders at Karlov Manor Prerelease Packs:

Melek, Reforged Researcher
Tomik, Wielder of Law
Voja, Jaws of the Conclave

New to Magic? Know someone who is or has always wanted to learn but doesn’t know where to start? Let’s solve the case of where to start… the best way to dive in is through Open House, a Wizards Play Network program that runs during a major Magic set’s global launch weekend!

Open House is a great opportunity to bring a friend who has been wanting to check out Magic. WPN retailers worldwide have some options to run events that support the local community. This may entail running an introductory event using Starter Kits, or they can use something self-contained instead, like Ravnica: Clue Edition (Ravnica: Cluedo Edition).

Whatever the event, it starts a new player off with either a pre-built deck or one that is easy to assemble through shuffling two boosters together. These events are low-stress opportunities to get right into the fun of Magic. Stores can even offer Two-Headed Giant events to pair up veterans who bring a friend that wants to learn how to play.

Participants who use their Wizards Account to sign up and play in an Open House (or who create a Wizards account via the Magic Companion app) will get a retro-frame copy of Underworld Connections (where available and while supplies last). Additionally, an alternate-art Cultivate may also be available for those who bring a friend to learn how to play!

Delve into Standard Constructed—a 60-card format focusing on releases currently dating back to Innistrad: Midnight Hunt—with Standard Showdown, as the program returns to local game stores worldwide!

Standard Showdown is a weekly program that WPN retailers run to bring their Standard Constructed community together for a few hours of fun, with a few added prizes to spice things up. This program will be kicking off with a little Lunar New Year flair in the form of a special Sarkhan, Unbroken prize promo. Additionally, copies of a special Dragonlord’s Servant promo will be available to participants in this kickoff while supplies last. (There are even more promos to come, too. Check out our full Year of the Dragon promos article to see them all!)

Dragonlord’s Servant
Sarkhan Unbroken

Standard players will also have some sweet new full-art Omenpath basic lands to chase after each week. Only a limited number of each basic land are available at each WPN retailer, so check with your local game store on their award structure throughout the next few weeks to learn how many are up for grabs and which ones.

So, get your Standard deck ready and check out a WPN retailer near you for details on Standard Showdown events happening throughout the next few months!

Inject a little extra mystery into your Commander games with Murders at Karlov Manor Commander Party, taking place February 16–18 at a local game store near you.

Commander Party offers a little extra twist and added incentive to join your local Commander community for an afternoon or evening of fun and excitement. Party cards add an additional twist on the typical Commander gameplay and offer a reason to try new strategies out.

Beyond that, Commander Party also offers an event-exclusive promo for participants while supplies last. This round’s promo is a retro-frame Rogue’s Passage!

Rogue’s Passage

It’s a murder mystery magical gathering, and you’re all invited!

MagicCon: Chicago is fast approaching and takes place from Friday, February 23, until Sunday, February 25. There’s a ton in store, as a MagicCon is an opportunity for fans to meet some of Magic‘s artists, learn about upcoming stuff in the Magic universe, get some photo-ops with Planeswalkers who traversed their way into the city, and a whole lot more. In fact, tickets are on sale and still available right now, so if you’ve never been or are a multi-event attendee from 2023, there’s still time to book your travel and take part in the fun and festivities!

MagicCon: Chicago also plays host to Pro Tour Murders at Karlov Manor, where hundreds of the very best Magic players around the world will compete for their share of $500,000 and the title of champion. Pro Tour players will also get their hands on a sweet new Secret Lair prize card, which has been refreshed for 2024. This year’s card is none other than Wrenn and Six, featuring the artwork of renowned artist and longtime Magic fan Ricardo Cavolo—showing off a stunning and distinct Secret Lair look.

Wrenn and Six
Underworld Connections
(Traditional Foil Promo)

For this year, all Pro Tour and Magic World Championship participants will receive a non-foil copy of Wrenn and Six to commemorate their participation on the world’s stage for competitive Magic. Additionally, Top 32 finishers in Pro Tours happening in 2024, as well as this year’s Magic World Championship, will receive a traditional foil copy!

Not qualified for the Pro Tour but still interested in all things competitive Magic? No problem! MagicCon: Chicago boasts a robust ticketed play schedule, including a Standard Constructed open tournament with a $75,000 prize pool, the 2024 Secret Lair Showdown, and a whole lot more!

Bring some friends for three days of fun and excitement in the Windy City with MagicCon: Chicago in just a few weeks!

It’s Ravnica meets the classic whodunit of Clue—also known as Cluedo in parts of the world—and to celebrate the launch of Ravnica: Clue Edition (Ravnica: Cluedo Edition), WPN retailers will be hosting launch parties worldwide!

Players can attend a local WPN launch party for a few hours of suspenseful fun in a brilliant mash-up of Magic-meets-Clue deduction, providing multiple avenues to victory for up to four players per game. All participants in a Ravnica: Clue Edition Launch Party event also walk home with a Lavinia, Foil to Conspiracy promo card (while supplies last).

Lavinia, Foil to Conspiracy

For full details on a Ravnica: Clue Edition Launch Party nearest to you, please check with your local WPN game store.

Bring your best Standard Constructed deck to battle for the Murders at Karlov Manor Store Championship, taking place at WPN retailers worldwide from March 2 until March 10.

This event provides WPN stores with an exciting tournament where local players can win some sweet promos. It’s also the perfect event to get your deck strategies together for Standard Showdowns in the lead-up to the Store Championship. Learn what you enjoy, what works for you, tune your 60 cards, and bring your deck in for a shot at being your store’s champion!

Players who participate in a Store Championship get a promo version of Mortify for attending (while supplies last).


Finish among your store’s Top 8 and walk home with a promo version of Angel of Despair!

Angel of Despair

Win the whole tournament, and you’ll get a special prize in the form of a full-art textless Dauthi Voidwalker!

Dauthi Voidwalker

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