Potential Upcoming Changes to Apple Watch X: Rumors and Speculations

The Vision Pro could potentially be Apple’s most prominent launch this year, but it is also worth keeping an eye on the rumored Apple Watch X.

This year signifies the tenth anniversary of Apple announcing its first smartwatch, and the Watch is expected to experience a significant overhaul to commemorate this landmark occasion, according to reports from Bloomberg. The name is reminiscent of the iPhone X from 2017, which brought about a dramatic shift from Apple’s prior design and coincided with its 10-year anniversary.

The Apple Watch X (unofficial title) may have a slimmer design and a new mechanism for connecting bands magnetically. Several reports from Bloomberg also suggest the possibility of added health features such as blood-pressure monitoring.

Apple may unveil the Apple Watch X, in conjunction with the most recent iPhone, at their yearly launch event in the fall, or the Watch X could possibly debut in 2025, since the first-gen Apple Watch was released in 2015, even though it was announced in 2014.

Based on the most credible sources, here’s what you might anticipate.

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Apple Watch X: Novel health technology

After transitioning away from fashion, Apple has repositioned the Apple Watch as a health device and introduced new health tracking tools, including blood-oxygen monitoring, temperature sensing, and new software features for cyclists and runners in recent years. However, the blood oxygen feature is unavailable in the new Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches sold in the United States due to a patent dispute.

The forthcoming Apple Watch might see the introduction of a few additional health-tracking features, potentially strengthening its utility as a wellness and fitness device. Apple has been reported to add a new feature that can indicate when a person’s blood pressure is high, along with a blood pressure journal to note down when it occurred. The report also suggests a new system for detecting sleep apnea by monitoring an individual’s sleeping and breathing habits.

Apple is also purportedly developing a way to check blood glucose levels without pricking your finger, thanks to infrared and other sensors. However, it is unlikely that it will reach the Apple Watch anytime soon.

Apple Watch X: Blood oxygen feature?

Due to the ongoing patent dispute, it is unclear whether the Apple Watch X will include blood-oxygen monitoring. The Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 do not ship with this feature in the United States.

Apple Watch X: Magnetic bands

After approximately a decade, this might change with Apple Watch X by introducing a mechanism that allows the bands to attach to the watch face magnetically.

Apple Watch X: MicroLED display

For years, there have been rumors about the Apple Watch gaining a microLED display. It is possible that these rumors will come to fruition.

Apple Watch into the future

Apple has been heavily investing in the health and wellness category to push the Apple Watch further as a health tracker. With new health features, a non-invasive glucose monitoring feature, and improved display technology, Apple could attract more customers interested in a smartwatch that can assist them in staying healthy and fit.

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