Review of the Vivo X100 Pro: A Stellar Option for Smartphone Photography

Vivo X100 smartphone review -- product image

Regrettably, the Vivo X100 Pro is unlikely to reach many mobile photographers in North America because it attracts attention for all the correct reasons.

If you’re knowledgeable about the brand, you understand Vivo loads its top-of-the-line phones with outstanding hardware and numerous features in the camera application. It truly ventures into the type of area that makes you consider its phones are more cameras that occur to be phones, an impression the X100 Pro falls under by the results it provides. The collaborative advantages with Zeiss prove themselves yet again, producing a camera hardware and software combination that competes for the top of the industry.

Vivo X100 Pro: Design and Build

“Professional Photography” still runs across the top of the device, as is always the case with Vivo’s devices, just as the Zeiss logo sits squarely in the middle of the rear camera module. The rear camera array is a sizable difference over the previous X90 Pro, and there are reasons for that, not least of which is including a Type 1.0-inch image sensor for the main lens. Changes to other lenses also contribute to the extra space needed to squeeze everything in, but as is, the X100 Pro looks more like the Xiaomi flagships we’ve seen lately.

Vivo X100 Pro smartphone -- product photo

It also features the same display as the previous X90 Pro, so the 6.78-inch AMOLED provides the same resolution (2800 x 1260), peak brightness (1300 nits), and an adaptive 1-120Hz refresh rate. Unfortunately, that also means curved edges are back, which you can offset by slipping on the included silicone case that provides some grip to the sides for better handling when snapping photos.

Overall, Vivo didn’t change much about the design, save for doing away with the vegan leather back in exchange for a matte finish with a glitter effect in direct sunlight. While negligibly heavier than its predecessor, the X100 Pro retains the exact dimensions and placements, making it a very familiar feel from one generation to another. It also supports wireless charging and has IP68 protection for additional durability.

Vivo X100 Pro smartphone taking a photo in Barcelona

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