Review of the Withings ScanWatch 2 by Trusted Reviews


The Withings ScanWatch 2 is an appealing hybrid smartwatch that combines a good combination of health and fitness intelligence with some fundamental smartwatch features, though you may discover better overall performance by investing a little more in a full-featured smartwatch.


  • Beautiful design
  • Functions well as a sleep monitor
  • Valuable data on temperature fluctuations


  • Inaccurate heart rate tracking during the day and exercise
  • Small screen is not ideal for phone notifications
  • Battery life with all monitoring features enabled

  • Hybrid design:The ScanWatch 2 has the appearance of a traditional timepiece but operates like a smartwatch

  • Continuous temperature tracking:A significant enhancement over the original Withings ScanWatch

  • Waterproof up to 50 meters:Suitable for tracking while swimming


The Withings ScanWatch 2 is a smartwatch for individuals interested in something more than a conventional timepiece but without the digital appearance found in wearables from Apple and Samsung.

That is precisely what is offered by the center member of the Withings hybrid smartwatch family, which is priced below an Apple Watch Series 9 and provides advanced health and wellness tracking features such as ECG-based heart rate readings and body temperature tracking, significant additions from the first Withings ScanWatch.

Although it may lack a vibrant display, the ScanWatch 2 pledges to monitor your health and fitness while providing some essential smartwatch functionalities for less than the competition.

Design and display

  • Available in two case options
  • Excellent selection of optional bands
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters

The design principle of the ScanWatch 2 remains consistent with the original ScanWatch (and all of Withings’ watches) to deliver a timepiece that resembles an analog watch. In achieving this, Withings excels.

You have the option of 42mm or smaller 38mm case sizes. While trying out the larger 42mm version, even on my slim wrists, it did not feel oversized and proved to be a sophisticated watch to pair with various outfits.

The 38mm version offers more dial color options compared to the 42mm, with my silver case and black dial combination being a more subtle choice. All models feature stainless steel cases designed up to 5ATM, making them safe for swimming up to a 50-meter depth.

The Withings ScanWatch 2 features a hybrid design that makes it more stylish than most smartwatchesThe Withings ScanWatch 2 features a hybrid design that makes it more stylish than most smartwatches

One of the main differences between the ScanWatch 2 and the more affordable ScanWatch Light is the screen protection. The ScanWatch 2 features tough sapphire glass compared to Gorilla Glass on the Light, and fortunately, the screen has remained scratch-free thus far. Additionally, there is an extra sub-display dedicated to displaying your daily step tracking progress.

This sub-display accompanies a 0.63-inch OLED screen, which can be activated by rotating the watch crown or by enabling the raise-to-wake gesture in the Withings companion app. This screen can display your health and wellness metrics, phone notifications, and allow access to menus for features like workout tracking.

Regarding the strap, the ScanWatch 2 comes with a fluoroelastomer band with a typical watch buckle, comfortable for all-day wear, including during exercise. A simple sliding pin mechanism facilitates easy removal, with Withings offering a range of leather and metal bands to suit formal occasions. Despite the upgrades, the ScanWatch 2 is a stylish timepiece crafted from high-quality materials, justifying its price.

Health and fitness tracking

  • Continuous body temperature tracking
  • Improved optical heart rate sensor
  • Connected GPS support and automatic exercise recognition

The ScanWatch 2 can be viewed as a fitness tracker and a serious health monitoring device, although the variety of tracked workouts may not match those found in Garmin or Apple devices.

Features-wise, there is an accelerometer for step and sleep tracking and basic workout monitoring, as well as an altimeter for tracking elevation.

Withings has enhanced the PPG sensor responsible for monitoring heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen levels, and respiratory rate. Additionally, an ECG sensor allows for on-the-spot heart rate measurements to check for atrial fibrillation.

The wrist-facing portion of the Withings ScanWatch 2The wrist-facing portion of the Withings ScanWatch 2

Concerning other health and wellbeing features, the ScanWatch 2 offers guided breathing exercises and menstrual cycle monitoring support directly from the watch and within the Withings app.

Regarding fitness tracking, I compared the device with several other wearables like the Garmin Forerunner 965 and the Oura Ring Gen 3 for core tracking stats. The daily step counts were within 500-600 steps of the Oura and Garmin devices, and the recorded climbed floors were relatively consistent, especially with the Garmin watch. The watch provides inactivity alerts and reminds you to move, although it does not

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