Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus: Making Smart Decisions

The Galaxy S24 Plus and S24 adopt some of the greatest concepts from Apple and Google, propelling them forward into the AI era.

The angular edge design is unmistakably iPhone-esque, and the AI technology is mostly Google’s. The software, for better or worse, is entirely Samsung’s. But it’s problematic to label either phone as the supreme product. Although it’s tempting to deem them superior Google phones compared to the Pixel, I can’t say that’s entirely true.

The standard Galaxy S24 still starts at $799 and the Galaxy S24 Plus at $999 — only the Ultra experienced a price increase this year, reaching $1,299. Apart from screen size, the non-Ultra models share most of the same features, so I will refer to them interchangeably throughout this review unless specified otherwise.

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