Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. OnePlus 12: Making the Right Choice for You

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The size expansion may not please everyone, but the Samsung Galaxy S24 is an overwhelming triumph regardless. Samsung’s latest compact flagship boasts a potent new processor, an enhanced display, and Samsung’s cutting-edge Galaxy AI. If you’re in the market for a compelling phone at a price less than four figures, then the Samsung Galaxy S24’s $800 price tag is certain to entice.

However, OnePlus is prepared with a formidable competitor of its own. The OnePlus 12 is a larger phone with the same power, a capable camera suite, and some remarkably fast charging speeds. At the same price point, you face a difficult decision between the two of them, and pouring over long listings of specifications can quickly make you feel lightheaded. That’s why we’re here; we’ve analyzed the stats, placed them side-by-side, and dissected what it all means so you don’t have to. Here’s how the Samsung Galaxy S24 stacks up against the OnePlus 12—and which one you should purchase.

Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. OnePlus 12: specifications

Samsung Galaxy S24 OnePlus 12

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