Samsung hopes to make an Apple Ring inevitable with their new Galaxy Ring

Upon discovering that the Samsung Galaxy Ring actually exists, my initial reaction was “why did it take so long?” I’ve come across the Oura Ring, but the competition in this segment is minimal, despite its obvious appeal. It’s surprising that Samsung didn’t embrace this idea sooner. It’s such a clear victory that an Apple Ring seems inevitable. Oh, I forgot. Apple doesn’t imitate Samsung. Sure.

Prior to a watch, we should have had a ring. Instead of an Apple Watch Ultra, we ought to already possess an Apple Ring. While I can SCUBA dive with the Apple Watch, a corresponding Apple Ring is missing. Something is amiss here.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

(Image credit: Samsung)

An engagement ring is a more practical choice than a watch. Firstly, I have a lovely, elegant watch that I wear infrequently. It was passed down to me by my still living father, so I enjoy flaunting it around him every now and then. I value it more than he did during his ownership. Nonetheless, I predominantly wear my Apple Watch. I cannot afford to break my daily ring goals.

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