Samsung’s Major Display Mistake with the Galaxy S24 Ultra: A Big Mess

Let’s discuss some notorious fails from the tech industry – live notorious fails, in addition. And, let’s examine how the Galaxy S24 Ultra becomes part of the “notorious fail” brotherhood.

  1. Even though 1998 was over a quarter century ago, the legendary Microsoft Windows 98 failure at the COMDEX trade show is still considered one of the greatest misfires ever. The PC running the all-new Windows 98 froze and elicited an “Ooph!” from the audience after displaying the infamous BSoD (Blue Screen of Death).
  2. Another major mistake that comes to mind is, of course, from 2010, when Steve Jobs couldn’t properly demonstrate the iPhone 4 due to connectivity issues. A few moments later, Steve Jobs (being Steve Jobs) instructed the entire audience – several hundred journalists and event attendees – to turn off their Wi-Fi devices, as they were apparently interfering with his demo iPhone.
  3. No “Top 3 of notorious fails from the tech industry” list should go without mentioning LG’s disastrous event from 2013. Back then, LG was presenting the LG G2 phone. Somebody at LG had the brilliant idea to give away phones to attendees, but the coupons for a new G2 were attached to balloons that were to fly in the sky. About 20 people were injured after many of the attendees were carrying BB guns and sharp objects to pop the balloons for a new phone. “G2” stands for “Genius x 2”, right?

Is Samsung about to join this “notorious fail” list?

Apart from a few negligible, rather – microscopic – bumps, the Galaxy Unpacked event from January 17 was a smooth success. The lighting was ideal, the presenters didn’t falter, everything seemed to function as intended, the overall rhythm was more than satisfactory, and the clips were not as cringy as one might have expected.However, Samsung made one major mistake with the Galaxy S24 Ultra and its display – it failed to market it adequately and to showcase how exemplary it actually is. In case it wasn’t clear, I’m talking about Gorilla Glass Armor on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Witness the astonishment at how glare-free that thing is, compared to the previous champion from Samsung – the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Numerous X/Twitter tipsters are displaying the 2023 and 2024 Ultra flagships side by side and the difference is remarkable. Where the Galaxy 23 Ultra’s display is barely readable or with washed-out colors and contrast, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s display is excelling.

And, boy, does it deliver:

One might believe that’s an edited photo in favor of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but more users are reporting the same:

This is achievable with the use of the brand-new Gorilla Glass Armor, which vows to provide “an unparalleled combination of durability and visual clarity.” As Samsung specifies: “Contrasted with a typical glass surface, Corning Gorilla Armor diminishes reflection by up to 75%, which improves display readability and diminishes screen reflections in almost any environment”.

Where was the Galaxy S23 Ultra, when the Galaxy S24 Ultra needed it?

I don’t know where the Galaxy S23 Ultra was when Gondor fell, but I do know that it wasn’t where it was supposed to be on January 17. Last year’s flagship had to be a part of the Galaxy Unpacked and it had to stand side by side with the Galaxy S24 Ultra and amplify its successor’s stardom. What the X/Twitter users are now doing with the comparisons, Samsung should have done (in a far better way) at the Galaxy S24 Ultra‘s unveiling event.

The presentation, in my humble opinion (and in the opinion of many more), should’ve focused much more on that glare-free experience that users are now reporting.

Here’s what people are saying:

…and these are just part of the comments that X/Twitter tipsters and users have made on the topic.

Instead, the Galaxy Unpacked event went the other way: the Corning ambassador who spoke about the new Gorilla Armor glass commenced with the durability of the new material. Next, he emphasized the scratch resistance of the Gorilla Armor. The “exceptional anti-reflective properties” were presented at the conclusion of the Gorilla Armor segment with no real-world examples. What a pity.

If only Apple had this to showcase…

Many are pointing out the evident – if Apple had this on their hands, they’d boast for days and probably, we’d see a whole separate event exclusively for the glare-free experience on the hypothetical iPhone.No, really – can you imagine how Cupertino would behave in Samsung’s place? Tim Cook would have recruited director Ridley Scott, NASA and half of Disney, just to make them come up with nothing short of a Hollywood-grade sci-fi epic that features Mickey Mouse, a Skywalker Jedi (plus Taylor Swift, because why not) and depicts the “Great display revolution”. Right after that, we’d hear from the engineers for some 17 minutes and then, Tim Cook would finish off with some more information on Apple’s latest breakthrough.

Cry over spilt milk

What’s done is done, the ship has sailed, the bird has flown, whatever – Samsung missed its chance to turbocharge (and in turn, capitalize on) one of the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s best features.

After all, some will utilize the living daylights out of the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s AI features. Some will not.

But all of them will look at the screen, no matter what they do.

Or – that’s a perplexing thought – perhaps Samsung’s marketing experts make their moves in inscrutable ways. Maybe, they “overlooked” to showcase the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s anti-glare display deliberately and now, they rely on the media to do that for them.

If that’s the case, I want my cut.

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