Save on Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 with Pixel Watch Deals

There is a Google wearable that Android device owners have been waiting for, and that’s the Pixel Watch. It won a CNET Editors’ Choice Award in the fall of 2022, and the Pixel Watch 2, released in 2023, has many of the features that the first version was missing. Now, it’s the best time to make a move, upgrade to the latest model, or take advantage of deals for the older version.

The first-gen Pixel Watch comes in Wi-Fi and cellular versions. The original prices were $350 and $400 in the US, respectively. With the release of Pixel Watch 2, prices have dropped. Here are the current prices for both versions:

Wi-Fi: $280
Cellular: $330

Now for the Pixel Watch 2. The updated model is following the initial pricing, with the Wi-Fi version costing $350 and the cellular version costing $400. Our Pixel Watch deals will help you get your hands on one without paying the full price.

The Pixel Watch 2 comes with many upgraded features, including a new heart rate sensor, better workout detection, and improved safety features. It also has a sleek design and a battery life of up to 24 hours, with features like an always-on display and faster charging. Some carriers are offering discounts, though the ones listed below are without requiring you to buy another device.

Various retailers like Verizon, Best Buy, and Amazon are offering trade-in deals and free data with the purchase of the Pixel Watch 2 LTE. Most of these offers expire on January 31.

If you’re upgrading from a Pixel Watch, your data can be transferred. The Pixel Watch 2 has some unique finishes like matte-black with an obsidian active band, which are also available on the older model, plus other innovative finishes like polished silver with a porcelain active band.

With all these upgrades, the Pixel Watch 2 is worth the investment. It has a similar design to its predecessor but comes with substantial upgrades. Some retailers even offer a 5% discount. It boasts upgraded performance, auto workout detection, and added safety features.

Google has designed its first Pixel Watch with many added features, such as updated fitness features powered by Fitbit. It includes accurate heart rate tracking, fall detection, and many Google apps. Google has also designed the watch to maintain compatibility with Android devices.

Deals on its first-gen Pixel Watch are quite attractive currently, and if you are willing to trade in your old devices, you can get a discount. Some retailers are offering up to a $131 discount, making this smartwatch more affordable. To top it off, Target RedCard holders can even get 5% off their purchase.

In conclusion, keep an eye out for Pixel Watch deals from different retailers and carriers. There are plenty of trade-in offers and discounts available. Don’t miss the chance to upgrade to the latest model or get extra savings on the current version.

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