En lantlig köksö

My Kitchen Island came with me when I moved. It is hand made by a small scale carpenter outside of Luanshya in Zambia. It is made from an African hardwood called Mukwa ((Pterocarpus angolensis). Our new open plan Kitchen in Sweden was designed to accomodate my Kitchen Island. It is one of the most important pieces of furniture in our home. We speand hours centered around it, whether it be baking, serving the family morning breakfast or an evening meal with friends.

My Mukwa Kitchen Island

Grass baskets for bread, enamel storage for cutlery, wireware for kitchen towels.

The  colours of the African Soil.

TIME… a prominent part of the swedish culture.

African inspired pickles and ” knäcke bröd” stand side by side.

My home in Africa




I left my brick home in Africa overlooking the Miombo Woodland and  moved into a wooden house in Sweden. I wanted to bring parts of Africa back with me and create something new and exciting yet familiar.  A site that could bridge the gap between continents and inspire you to bring the warmth and the colours of Africa into your home.

I created www.savannahome.se