Mums’ sun-dried tomato marinade

Sun Dried tomato Pickle

Sun-dried tomato marinade from Chankwakwa

Mums’ Chankwakwa sun-dried tomato marinade is  a great weekend recipe that will add some zing to your week-end cooking.  Chankwakwa Sun-dried tomato and mango can be purchased in Sweden in the tropical food section of Yawama of Sweden.

Place 1 Pkt Chankwakwa sun-dried tomato in saucepan and cover with water, add 5 tbsp white wine vinegar and heat for 10 min. Drain tomatoes and place in jar. Cover with olive oil, 4 gloves of roughly chopped garlic, a handful of chopped parsley, or fresh basil or herbs of your choice. Add a dash of fresh chilli if you like for an extra tang. Your tomatoes are ready to throw into a green salad, are great as pizza topping or added to a hot stew.

My mum Dorothy has always been a lover of good food, a visionary leader and an entrepreneur. In the 70s she opened a restaurant serving traditional Zambian dishes. In the 90s she opened a bakery offering fresh-baked bread – a luxury at the time. Her most recent venture is a drying plant for both fruit and vegetable. Here both her and my dad, work with numerous small-scale farmers who provide fresh sun ripened produce, that is processed through their plant. Fair trade and ecological practices are at the heart of their production.

This is an old picture from the early days, when Chankwakwa first started training small-scale farmers on tomato growing techniques.

Farmer training

Farmers being trained on tomato growing with treadle pump irrigation systems

Read more about the work that Chankwakwa is doing with small farmers and their exciting product range which includes jams, sauces and soya flour here

Hälsningar från Chankwakwa farm

Här kommer en hälsning från gården Chankwakwa i Zambia! Vi är väldigt glada att se våra soltorkade mango på och det ska bli spännande att se om folk köper! Chankwakwa är som ni kan läsa på hemsidan inte bara producenter av mango, Chankwakwa är en stor bongård med många järn i elden. Det har varit mitt hem sedan 2005 då jag gifte mig med sonen i familljen. Här kommer några bilder. Trevlig helg och glad Alla hjärtans dag! /Elina

IMG_2455Majsen växer så det knakar nu under regnperioden.

IMG_2451Plantor (apelsin- och citronträd) drivs upp i återvunna tetrapak.

IMG_1691Frigående värphöns.

IMG_0451Små nyfikna griskultingar.

Dorothy Eriksson, My Inspirational Mum

My mother is an inspiration to many.  She is the director of Chankwakwa ltd. Chankwakwa is a small family business based on homemade quality and family tradition, producing natural foods.  A role model in inclusive business. The term inclusive business refers to profitable core business activity that also tangibly expands opportunities for the people at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP). Her products are  HACCP, ECOCERT and Fairtrade certified, all costly and extremely time-consuming exercises for a small-scale producer.

A recent collaboration has seen her sun dried mango in fair trade ice-cream produced by Hansens Is which is available in COOP and many other stores in Denmark and Sweden.

She runs a bakery. Over 100 families are directly or indirectly employed through her various enterprises. She is involved in AWEP African Women Entrepreneurs Programme. She supports women both physically and spiritually through her work with Women Aglow. She was selected to represent Zambia at the 2012 AWEP programme in the US. She has been covered by both local and international Media.

She is a mother of 4 and  has been married to my father for 42  years.

To me she is Mummy. A mother that has persevered through many years of struggle. A mother that taught us family values and encouraged us never to give up.

Dorothy Eriksson

Dorothy Eriksson

Mango Cutting in Chankwakwa Factory

Mango Cutting in Chankwakwa Factory


IVLP participant, Mrs. Dorothy Eriksson, Managing Director of Chankwakwa farms.