Nickys’ Bunny Chow

Nickys' Bunny Chow

Nickys’ Bunny Chow

For a sensational yet simple Indian dish you have just got to try a Durban styled Bunny Chow served with mango pickle and a coriander tomato salad . Bunny Chows date as far back as the 1940s and were created in Durban home to a large Indian Community.

One of the debated stories as to the Bunnys’ origin, was that the food was a means to serve take-aways to excluded people. During the apartheid regime, Indians were not allowed in certain shops and cafes and so the shop owners found a way of serving the people through back windows, etc. This scooped out bread and curry dish was an easy and effective way to serve the workers.

For an alternative recipe and story.

I usually make my curries with a Masala mix with extra ginger.  This is easily sourced in Sweden at shops stocking foreign foods.  Fresh ginger and garlic are a must. The challenge here in Sweden was to find a nice fat white loaf that wasn’t sliced, or a big round bun similar to the John Cena buns we have in Zambia.  ( Yes they actually do have some similarities). ICA Maxi had a smaller white loaf that worked.

Beef, chicken, mutton or vegetarian…in a bunny chow anything goes.