Tekken 8 Update: Patch v1.01.04 – Devil Jin, Dragunov, Leo & Other Characters Receive Nerfs

Carver Fisher

Tekken 8 has experienced some characters dominating the meta from the beginning, and the initial patch aims to decrease the dominance of many of its strongest fighters.

The first patch for Tekken 8 is arriving shortly after its launch, and it’s already bringing some reductions in power.

Reina, Dragunov, Devil Jin, Leo, Jack, and Jun are being impacted in various ways. From limiting their capacity to execute combos to making it much simpler to penalize some of their standard combos, there are significant changes on the horizon. It’s not yet evident just how much this will affect the strength of these characters, but we will update our tier list to reflect these changes.

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With Tekken 8 announced for EVO 2024, players will need to swiftly adjust to upcoming balance changes if they wish to climb to the top at the world’s largest fighting game tournament.

When will Tekken 8 return online?

The servers are currently undergoing maintenance as the update is implemented. Online services will be inaccessible until the servers are brought back online at 11PM PST on February 6, 2AM EST on February 7.

Here are the complete patch notes for Tekken 8 patch 1.01.04:

Tekken 8 1.01.04 complete patch notes

Common Adjustments

  • Special Style
    • (During Special Style) Fixed the issue where the startup of certain moves would be delayed by 1 frame when buffering an attack input while still in recovery
  • Balcony Break
    • Due to an issue where using a specific move caused the Balcony Break to occur and the characters went outside the battle area, adjustments were made to the pushback collision detection.

Alisa (Bugfix)

  • Hertz Blade – Diablo (During Destructive Form f 1+2)
    • In Practice mode, corrected the issue where frame advantage was not shown accurately. Originally, it was displaying + 8 frames on block, but the correct value is + 5 frames on block.

Devil Jin (Nerf)

  • Spinning Demon Hellfire Beam (f, n, d, D/F 4 > 1+2 on hit)
    • Changed the damage distribution from 10/20 to 7/14
    • Reduced the forward movement of the first hit to shorten its reach.
    • Corrected an issue where the distance between the character and the opponent increased only when also inputting the second hit.
  • Tiger Thrush (1 During Morning Crow)
    • Reduced the duration of the attack by 1 frame to make it less likely to hit against sidestepping opponents.
    • Changed the damage from 25 to 20.
    • Modified the chip damage on block from 10 to 6.

Dragunov (Nerf)

  • Avalanche Hammer Rush (d 1, 2, 1+2)
    • The recovery frames for the first two hits have been increased by 2 frames (Guard: -6 Frames >>> -8 Frames, Hit: +8 Frames >>> +6 Frames). The third hit of the combo is unaffected.
  • Slicing Sobat (u/f 4 or u 4 or u/b 4)
    • The character now turns toward the opponent upon hitting. This change makes follow up attacks more stable when hitting in an off-axis state.
    • The opponent now transitions to a downed state 6 frames earlier.
  • Ignition Switch (d, d/f, f 4)
    • The distance between the player and the opponent on block has been increased.
    • The chip damage during block has been changed from 8 to 5.

Jack-8 (Bugfix, but mostly a nerf)

  • Double Biceps (b 1, 2)
    • Fixed an issue where the opponent couldn’t perform a backwards ukemi after an aerial hit.

Jun (Bugfix, but mostly a nerf)

  • Yukimiguruma (WR 3, 3+4)
    • Increased the recovery time by 5 frames.
    • Increased the opponent’s recovery time when blocked by 5 frames.
    • Frame advantage on block remains unchanged.
  • Divine Exile – Heaven (u/f 1)
    • Changed the reaction upon hit to prevent unintended follow up attacks.

Leo (Nerf)

  • Ying Mian Tui (b 3, 1) | Jue Zhao Ying Mian Tui (b 3, 1 during Lightning Glare)
    • Increased the recovery time by 3 frames only when the move is blocked, resulting in a change from a frame advantage of -7 frames on block to -10 frames on block.
  • Ding Zhou Meng Po Kao (b 1, 1+2)

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