Ten Lessons Learned from Starting ‘Palworld’

What in the world is happening with Palworld? This “Pokemon with guns” meme game turned out to be something that has captivated the attention of millions of players, and it’s already one of the most-played Steam games in history.

If you’re here, chances are you have jumped on the Palworld bandwagon, and are searching for ways to optimize your early experience and avoid, let’s say, the errors I made when I first started and had no guides to refer to.

So, with my substantial early playtime here, here are ten things I wish I knew when I began Palworld.

1. Where To Construct Your Inaugural Base

Essentially, the first thing you’ll be required to do is build pretty near to the starting point, given that you probably will not want to wander too far before night descends and you want to settle down without freezing to death. But there are some crucial things to consider. Specifically, you want to have a good supply of key resources close by. Trees and rocks are obvious but those are everywhere. Rather, what’s more important, or what will be soon, are blue sparkly Palladium Nodes which are crucial for many recipes including spheres, and gold sparkly Ore nodes which you will need to harvest later to make Ingots.

Furthermore, I would probably not construct something in a wide open field as you will be attacked by enemies later in the game, and that makes you pretty indefensible. You want to find somewhere with some cliff walls, or by water, and then with just a few choke points to take on enemies. If not, prepare to build a lot of walls.

2. The Supreme Starter Companions

For my money, I would accord a lot of credit to two specifically. First, I will give a lot of props to Cattiva as an all purpose base worker. Cattiva can help craft things, it can carry things, it can gather crops and it can mine ore. It can do a lot more roles than Lamballs, which may be what you think you should start with given how much they are everywhere.

For combat? My early pick was easily Foxparks. Not only does it breathe fire in combat, making it great for toasting early monsters, its upgrade allows you to hold it and use it as a flamethrower. Which is not only one of Palworld’s traditionally hilarious uses of Pals, but it’s actually very effective in combat as well.

3. Grasp Base Worker Cronies Roles

As you build out your base, you are going to have to start matching Pal roles to Pal parts of your base. While at first, yes, you can use Lamballs to help you craft, things will soon get more complicated. If you hover over every Pal in your inventory, you will see a number of icons lit up, and those are the types of jobs it can do. Then, you will see different buildings that have an icon of requirement. Like a Foxparks, as a fire Pal, can help you cook or smelt. A Pengullet as a water/ice typer can aid you chill food or water plans. And so on. It takes some getting used to, but it’s a key part of making a base function.

4. Acquire A Matey To Ride As Swiftly As Conceivable

You will observe swiftly that getting around the map is kind of a colossal nuisance. But this is swiftly alleviated if you invest in “saddle tech” as there are a number of early Pals you can ride around in order to avoid having to run anywhere. I believe the lowest level Pal I saw you can ride is a Melpaca, but I soon got an Eikthrydeer to ride which looked much cooler. You can also ride flying Pals like Nitewing. To do this, you will have to unlock saddle tech for each Pal that can do this, and then research it with the requisite materials at the Pal Gear workbench.

5. The Prime Way To Level XP Swiftly Bar None

You will need to level up not just to get stronger, but to open up way more building and crafting possibilities. While it’s true that crafting and building and farming in-base will get you and your team XP, you need to be out in the wild. And while defeating wild monster will get you decent XP, far and away it’s catching Pals that will rocket you up through levels. Load up with spheres and catch at least ten copies of every Pal you see for massive amounts of XP, and likely a few you’ll keep for actual jobs or combat roles. A great way to do this in one fell swoops is to go to nearby cave dungeons where there will be loads of unusual Pals to catch plus a dungeon boss with loads of XP and materials when either killed or hopefully caught.

6. A Key To Snagging All Pals

While I won’t say the obvious Pokemon rule here, throw balls (spheres) when a wild Pal’s health is low to catch, there’s one thing you will need to learn pretty quickly. While you will want your Pals out for combat to do damage to enemies most of the time, if you are trying to catch Pals, you may want to put your favorites away. Why? Because they may end up one-shotting smaller enemies, or they may attack larger ones to erase their last bit of health before you can catch them. A general rule I follow is don’t have your combat Pals out for small catches, and put them back in their spheres for bigger ones. Which leads me to:

7. How To Snare Potent Boss Pals

Boss Pals are either large or evolved versions of normal Pals, which you will find in the overworld or in dungeons. While they can often be tough to kill, they are even tougher to catch. The same principle applies here, but in different ways. For some of these guys, you are going to need to cycle through most of your team to get their health down.

Then again, I would say when you get them to about 10% health, which is easier to judge because of their huge health bars with actual numbers on it, call back your pals and just shoot/poke them with your bow/spear to get them down as low as you can, as you are likely doing less damage than your Pals super moves. Then, use your highest quality ball to repeatedly try to catch them. Spam a whole lot of if you have to, and the % chance should work in your favor eventually. Bring a lot of balls, just in case.

8. Don’t Neglect Unique Pal Unlocks

You know how I said to unlock saddles for Pals? Well other Pals have different unlocks like combat skills (monkey shooting an AK), but past that, there are hard to see passive skills that you will not get until you invest in that upgrade. For instance, while I can unlock a saddle for my Kingpaca, what you may not realize is that’s also how you unlock its passive, 100 extra carry weight for your character. And again, for my Chillet saddle, that also unlocked bonus Dragon damage while mounted. So upgrade all your guys you like even if you already have multiple Pals with saddles and such.

9. The Most Important Early Buildings To Get

Going to list three here. The first two are paired, Logging Site and Stone Pit. These will let your Pals auto-produce basic wood and stone for you, and if you get a system going of Pals farming these, and Pals transporting them to your storage chests, you will essentially never have to farm wood or stone again for the most part.

The second part is a Berry Plantation, or later Wheat. Getting planting, watering and harvesting Pals to run these patches of land and take the berries to Feed Boxes means that you will create a feedback loop of Pals being able to constantly eat on base with you never having to feed them directly, which is exhausting unless you set this up.

10. How To Fix Stuck Or Unhelpful Workers

If there’s one consistent problem with Palworld bases it’s that workers can be very foolish sometimes and they can get stuck or messed up with their work and transportation pathing. Sometimes you can grab them and throw them somewhere to unstick them, but often you can’t, like if they fall off a cliff. Somehow I had a sheep get stuck in a tree. So what you do is you swap them out for any other Pal in the Pal box, then switch them back immediately and they will respawn right in front of you.

I also ran into a strange issue where I had 12 different Pals out, but none of them would help me craft anything despite many having that skill. I don’t know why but for some reason these Pals were all prioritizing grazing at the Ranch as most have that skill, and only after I deleted the entire thing would they actually help me again.

I will have many more of these, but hopefully this is enough to get you started.

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