The agonizing anticipation for the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC poses both a blessing and a curse for fans of the action RPG

It seems like an eternity has passed since FromSoftware officially unveiled Shadow of the Erdtree, the initial part of DLC on the way to Elden Ring. Surprisingly, it’s been less than a year. However, when that single image was hinted at on social media – on February 28, 2023, less than a year after the base game arrived in March, 2022 – it sent the esteemed action-RPG’s fervent fan base into a frenzy, with internet commentators across the board dissecting, twisting and turning the 16:9 still in innumerable ways in their attempt to make sense of it.

I was one of those individuals, pondering in the immediate aftermath of the DLC’s revelation: Is Shadow of the Erdtree the Elden Ring Miquella DLC we’ve desired all along? A full 327 days later and I’m no closer to answering that, which for me, marks both a blessing and a potential curse for Elden Ring’s next long-awaited and highly-anticipated steps – be that in the Lands Between or wherever else its sword may fall.

Time, the great teaser

Elden Ring

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I’ve mentioned this countless times before, but I’m a strong believer in developers taking their time behind the scenes. I’d much rather wait longer for something than pay for something that’s been rushed, and therefore will never criticize the decision to delay or hold off on games until they’re absolutely ready. That said, this stance never makes the wait itself any easier, especially when it applies to something like Elden Ring’s first official slice of added content. I, like any Elden Ring fan out there, cannot wait to immerse myself in whatever’s next, and the fact that we still don’t know, well, anything about Shadow of the Erdtree is equally wonderful and mind-bending. 

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