The Latest Palworld Steam Patch v0.1.3.0 Introduces Numerous Improvements

Pocketpair, the developer of Palworld, has rolled out a significant fresh patch for the Steam edition of the game that brings a variety of improvements.

Steam patch v0.1.4.0 resolves crash problems, gameplay glitches, and bugs, among other issues. Moreover, it addresses issues with base functionality, including one that prevents Pals who are manually allocated to a breeding farm from becoming hungry and having their manual assignments canceled.

Some of the bugs addressed by this patch are worth noting because they’re rather amusing.For example, there’s a remedy for an issue where Pals at the base would continue to chop down trees that were already chopped (talk about a thankless task), and a resolution for a problem where Pals at the base were close to death due to unexplained falling damage (we’ve all been there). Here’s another one: a fix for an issue where Pals at the base would levitate under certain conditions. What are those Pals smoking?

On a more serious note, the patch includes an initial fix for an issue where the game would consistently crash and the saved data would become corrupted when the guild’s total number of Pals captured reached approximately 7000. However, saved data that was already in this state (in the case of a server, the server’s world data) before this update will still be unable to load, according to Pocketpair.

The Xbox patch v0.1.1.3 from Pocketpair will be made available as soon as it’s ready, although, there is a difference between the Xbox and Steam versions of Palworld, particularly in the Xbox version’s absence of dedicated servers, which restricts the number of players who can play together. This week, Microsoft said that it will collaborate directly with Pocketpair to help provide the resources needed to keep the momentum of the monster survival game going strong, including providing support to allow dedicated servers.

Palworld has been a sensation, drawing in a staggering 19 million players across all platforms since it went on sale on January 19. It’s currently the most popular game on Steam and the largest third-party launch in Game Pass history with over seven million players and a daily player peak of just under three million. On Steam alone, Palworld has sold 12 million copies.

Palworld vs. Pokémon Comparison

However, Palworld is also one of the most contentious video game releases in recent memory. Developer Pocketpair has stated that its staff have been the targets of death threats amid claims of Pokémon “rip-off”, which it has refuted. Shortly after release, Nintendo swiftly acted to eliminate a striking Pokémon mod, then The Pokemon Company released a statement, expressing that they “intend to investigate and take appropriate measures to address any acts that infringe on intellectual property rights related to Pokémon.” asked legal professionals if Nintendo could effectively file a lawsuit.

If you’re playing, make sure to have a look at IGN’s interactive Palworld map.

Here are the complete patch notes for Palworld’s Steam update v0.1.4.0:

▼Key Fixes

・Rectified an issue where the game would crash under specific circumstances

・Resolved a situation where an enemy pals would be trapped in walls due to charging attacks.

▼Player Matters

・Modified so that players can move at a very slow speed even when they have exceeded the weight limit.

・Made adjustments to the camera positions of several Pals in order to make it easier to see when mounted.


・Made various other minor enhancements such as the addition of a UI key guide.

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