The Moment Apple Will Revolutionize the iPhone

When Apple releases its upcoming major iPhone update—iOS 17.4—it will be the most packed with features and extensive mid-cycle launch ever. More details are surfacing about what’s to come, with more functionalities included than anticipated. Here are the most recent specifics, and precisely when you can expect it—the projected release date is at the end.

The EU Updates

If you’re in the European Union, the Digital Markets Act is on the verge of implementation, and to adhere to the necessary modifications, Apple will introduce substitute app marketplaces. You will no longer be limited to purchasing apps solely from the App Store. Furthermore, there will be improved access to various web browsers other than Safari—you may already select alternate browsers, but there will be backing for other browser engines and upon updating, you will receive a prompt prompting you to choose. Additionally, there will be support for alternative payment methods, the ability to establish default NFC and wallet apps in Apple Pay and more.

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These adjustments are extensive and will revolutionize the iPhone permanently. Currently, they will only be relevant in the EU, but it’s likely that British, American, and other governments will observe and decide if they should mandate this opening up in other regions.

Home Screen Web Applications

Also as a consequence of the DMA, support for home screen web applications will be eliminated in the EU, due to security and compatibility concerns with other browser engines.

Quantum Computing For iMessage

The security level for your messages is set to soar, courtesy of something named PQ3, which Apple describes as, “a groundbreaking post-quantum cryptographic protocol that advances the state of the art of end-to-end secure messaging.” You can find out detailed information about what it encompasses, here. Simply put, it’s a significant advancement and will safeguard your messages against hacking that isn’t even feasible yet.

MORE FROM FORBESiOS 17.4: Apple Reveals Surprise New iPhone Feature That Will Change Everything

New Emoji

I always adore it when Apple unveils new emoji and although there aren’t many, they are greatly appreciated. The highlight is the phoenix, with flames adorning its wings. Then there are two smiling faces, one shaking their head, the other nodding. There’s a mushroom that looks almost lifelike, a similarly realistic lime, and a chain that is splitting in two. Suitable for a variety of occasions from moments of liberation to celebrations of, perhaps, divorce?

Stolen Device Protection

This is one of the finest new features Apple has ever rolled out, and it’s about to get even better. It was introduced in iOS 17.3—full specifics here—and functions to restrict what can be altered in specific locations to safeguard the phone. However, with iOS 17.4, you will be able to implement these restrictions across all areas.

And There’s More

The Battery menu is enhanced to provide a clearer view of its longevity, and Apple shared surprising news with all iPhone 15 users regarding this.

Upon upgrading, you will be greeted with a new vibrant welcome screen featuring your profile picture, as if to convey, “This is an essential update!”

Apple Podcasts will incorporate support for transcripts, which will be fantastic.

Siri will now be capable of reading messages in multiple languages.

There is an upgrade to CarPlay for select vehicles (which has been long-awaited).

German users can now summon “Siri,” instead of “Hey, Siri,” although personally, I still prefer the latter. It seems more amiable, somehow.

Release Date

So, when will you be able to access this wealth of features? Precisely when? 10 a.m. Pacific time. Oh, but wait, do you also desire the date? Very well.

I placed the EU updates at the forefront, despite not impacting all readers, as it’s the DMA that is dictating the release date. This law will go into effect on Wednesday, March 6. Therefore, the release will either be on that day or earlier, for sure.

Considering that 10 a.m. Pacific is equivalent to 7 p.m. Central European Time, it appears unlikely that the release will be on Wednesday, March 6. Apple is likely to implement the EU updates at the final possible moment, indicating: Tuesday, March 5. Tuesday seems to be Apple’s preferred release day. However, it’s plausible that Apple might follow a more orderly approach and launch it on their second-favorite day of the week: Monday.

While circumstances may alter, I recommend preparing to download this exceptional update starting at 10 a.m. Pacific time on Monday, March 4.

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