The Swiftest Mounts in Palworld: Land, Water, and Air Movements

Ethan Dean

The Palapagos Islands in Palworld are quite extensive, and to view everything they have to offer, you’ll need a swift ride. Below are the swiftest mounts in Palworld for ground, swimming, and flying.

The combination of survival mechanics and creature collection in Palworld has captivated the imaginations of millions of players. Despite being in early access, the team at Pocketpair is diligently working on releasing new patches to enhance the game.

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With over 100 Pals in its roster, the game offers players plenty of incentives to fill out their Paldeck, whether it’s tracking down the best Pals for mining in Palworld or the best Pals for kindling.

Certainly, for those in search of Pals, the ability to move around quickly is crucial. Here’s a guide on the fastest mounts in Palworld for ground travel, swimming, and flying.


Fastest ground mount in Palworld

The speediest land-based mount in Palworld is the legendary Necromus. Thankfully, we have a convenient guide on where to locate and capture Necromus in Palworld.

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This Pal not only holds the title of the fastest ground mount in Palworld, but it also allows the player to triple jump, making traversal effortless. However, Necromus is gated behind an endgame boss fight that requires facing two Legendary Pals simultaneously.

Capturing it requires the best gear and combat team you can assemble. You’ll also need to reach Technology Level 49 before you can mount it.

Necromus Palworld


Necromus is the swiftest ground mount in Palworld.

For players who are not ready to take on Necromus and Paladius but still want to gallop around, there are several suitable mounts available earlier:

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Of the three, Pyrin is undeniably the speediest ground mount in Palworld. However, its saddle can’t be unlocked until Technology Level 30.

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