The Top Apple Watch Faces for Any Occasion

The Finest Apple Watch Face for Complications

When it comes to snippets of information, dials, and shortcuts on your Apple Watch face, “Complications” are the way to go. These handy features display details like the weather, upcoming appointments, and even the current phase of the moon. Whether you need quick access to workout data, Move goal progress, or compass directions, complications have got you covered.

If you’re all about maximizing your complications, then the “Infograph” analog watch face is the one for you. With a total of eight slots for complications, four in the corners and four inside the clock face, this face offers ample space for all your essential information. The complication positioned at the top of the clock face provides extended details, making it perfect for displaying weather or calendar information.

Apple Watch Series 8 with Infograph watch face.
Tim Brookes / How-To Geek

If you prefer digital watch faces, the closest equivalent to the “Infograph” face is the “Modular” face. With room for six complications and the date, the “Modular” face offers a larger complication in the center for extended information.

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