The Ultimate MW3 RAM-9 Loadout: Class Setup, Attachments, and Perks

Kurt Perry

This reduced primary weapon chambering a lower caliber may look unusual but it’s one of the top SMGs in Modern Warfare 3 if you can handle its recoil. Here is the best RAM-9 MW3 loadout to do just that and create a meta-worthy gun.

The RAM-9 was added to Modern Warfare 2 in its Season 2 update. This non-traditional-looking SMG is a reduced version of the existing RAM-7, chambered in 9mm rather than 5.56 NATO.

Your initial impressions of this weapon may be negative with the RAM-9 being extremely difficult to control without attachments. However, an optimal build can transform this submachine gun into not just a viable option, but something that is absolutely top-tier.

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To assist you with that we’ve compiled this guide on the best RAM-9 loadout possible for MW3 multiplayer.


Finest RAM-9 MW3 loadout

  • Barrel: Boreal-6C Suppressed Barrel
  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Stock: Hunker-5 Stock Pad
  • Underbarrel: DR-6 Handstop
  • Comb: FT Polycomb

Given its intense recoil, it’s a given that you’ll want to use attachments that reduce the RAM-9’s vertical kick. The two most impactful that don’t hurt handling are the Hunker-5 Stock Pad and FT Polycomb, with the comb also providing a huge boost to Idle Aiming Stability which remains a key stat even after the aim sway rework.

The Boreal-6C Suppressed Barrel is an incredible attachment with it not only suppressing the RAM-9 but also improving Aim Walking Speed, Sprint to Fire Speed, Bullet Velocity, and Damage Range. These are all key stats that benefit the fast-paced gameplay that an SMG player will typically lean toward.

To further improve handling it’s also recommended to equip the DR-6 Handstop underbarrel which improves just about every notable mobility and handling stat, most crucially Aim Walking Speed and ADS Speed. Finally, a suitable close-range optic like the Slate Reflector works well as the RAM-9’s iron sights can be awkward to use at times.

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RAM-9 previewed in Call of Duty: Warzone and MW3 multiplayer.Activision

The RAM-9 is extraordinarily strong up close but can be a handful to control limiting its effective range.

RAM-9 MW3 Loadout: Perks and Equipment

  • Vest: Assassin Vest
  • Gloves: Assault Gloves
  • Boots: Covert Sneakers
  • Gear: Bone Conduction Headset
  • Tactical: Flash Grenade

Ever since it was added in Season 1, the Assassin Vest has remained a top-tier option, making you immune to enemy UAVs while both moving and stationary. Given our use of an integrated suppressor it makes sense to build a stealthy loadout and the Assassin Vest is perfect for that.

Speaking of stealth, the Covert Sneakers are easily the best Boots in Modern Warfare 3. When equipped, they remove all footstep audio letting to sprint around freely without being heard. This pairs well with the Assassin Vest and suppressor with all three combining to make flanking in MW3 as effective as possible which lends itself well to an SMG like the RAM-9.

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Thanks to our choice of vest we don’t need to use the gear slot on the Ghost T/V Camo. Instead, it’s best to use the Bone Conduction Headset which greatly amplifies the audio of enemy footsteps making them easier to identify. The last Perk to use is Assault Gloves as they improve the effectiveness of jump shots giving you another tool to use in gunfights.

With only one equipment slot and no Field Upgrade, the rest of the loadout is fairly self-explanatory. Finish up by equipping a tactical grenade that gives you an advantage like the Flash Grenade. Other viable alternatives include a Stun Grenade, Battle Rage, and Snapshot Grenade.

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How to unlock RAM-9 in Modern Warfare 3

The RAM-9 can be unlocked by completing Sector B6 of the Warzone Season 2 Battle Pass. Once the season ends it will instead be available as an Armory unlock requiring either the completion of multiple daily challenges or winning games.

Best alternatives to RAM-9 in MW3

In terms of MW3 guns, the WSP Swarm is another close-range SMG that has a great TTK at the cost of having less potential at long range. Alternatively, though it’s a Modern Warfare 2 weapon, the Fennec 45 also shares an awful lot in common with the RAM-9 and is well worth considering.

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