The ultimate snowboarding smartwatch: 7 reasons why the Polar Vantage V3 is a top choice

There are many tech wearables with snowsports tracking modes — a lot of the smartwatches with the best features have one. But as a devoted snowboarder of 20 years, one model in 2024 has especially caught my interest: the Polar Vantage V3. 

Equipped with a dual-frequency GPS antenna and an altimeter, it ensures precise location and elevation tracking, even outside cellphone coverage areas (or when cruising without your phone).

The V3 also has just about every wrist-based health-tracking sensor available, from SpO2 to ECG. Additionally, post-ride stats and maps are detailed and easy to interpret, as are recovery metrics. 

I recently examined the latest flagship model from Polar while riding at Whistler Blackcomb Mountain, the largest ski resort in North America. With more than 8,000 acres of skiable terrain, a full day on the slopes can test the physical capabilities of even the most experienced riders. 

And it certainly tested mine: I rode 28,000 feet of vertical over two days with the Polar Vantage V3 strapped securely to my wrist. Below are seven features that make it a strong competitor for the ultimate snowboarding (and skiing) smartwatch in 2024.

Snowy scene from the top of Blackcomb Mountain

A view from the top of Blackcomb Mountain’s 7th Heaven.  (Image credit: Dan Bracaglia / Future)

1. Seriously-impressive battery life

My biggest concern about trying out the Polar V…

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