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An extraordinary smartwatch can genuinely revolutionize your daily life. Because we can genuinely use them for everything – sometimes for everything except telling the time! They go beyond simply telling the time, these multifunctional timepieces can now keep a check on our health, update us on the weather, function as an alarm clock, give reminders, cater to the blind, and even function as a case for your AirPods?! Designers are coming up with smartwatches that not only provide perfect form and functionality but also manage to look super smart when we wear them. The options are endless, so to help you pick a smartwatch that works best for you, we’ve curated a collection of innovative and cutting-edge smartwatches that will cater to everyone’s unique time-telling needs and requirements, and also totally deserve to be on your wrists.

1. MSI Gaming PC Watch

It looks like a watch from afar. Come close, however, and it looks like a gaming PC. What is it? Well, it’s both! The MSI Gaming Watch is a concept that pays homage to the detailed innards of most advanced gaming rigs. They say watches have complicated internals, which is why the transposition is perfect! Instead of a tourbillon and movement, you’ve got fans, graphics cards, and a motherboard, all scaled down to a size small enough to fit into a chunky wristwatch. Look closely at the fans and you’ll see tiny hands telling the time too. After all, the MSI Gaming Watch isn’t all show and no tell. However, it is a LOT of show! Just look at it! I dare you to look away!

Why is it noteworthy?

You’re likely to have one of two reactions to the MSI Gaming Watch – either you think it’s functionally useless, if you’re looking for an active timepiece… or you think it’s the most awesome thing you could wear on your wrist since those nixie tube watches we saw a few years ago. If you’re a gaming nerd or a PC builder, chances are you’re a part of the latter school of thought.

What we like

  • Hyper-cool design gives you gaming memorabilia on your wrist
  • Those components look very intricate, with tiny graphics cards, fans, etc.

What we dislike

  • It isn’t really a watch as much as it’s a really cool-looking wrist wearable. Time forms a very small part of what the MSI Gaming Watch is all about.

2. Rabbit R1 AI Watch

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