Top 2024 Apple Watch Bands for Fitness and Workouts

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The Apple Watch might be the ideal tool for achieving your fitness objectives and monitoring daily activities. However, finding a comfortable, dependable band to match your workouts may be more of a challenge than joining that yoga class, going for a run, excelling in those weights, or pedaling through a spin class. While you may think of a wristband as a simple vessel for your watch, there are also numerous armbands that will effectively record your exercise details.

While Apple offers its own fitness-forward bands, there are virtually hundreds to select from, touting benefits like water resistance and breathable fabric. Here are our preferred bands for working out with the Apple Watch.

Apple Sport Loop

Christopher Allbritton/CNN UnderscoredChristopher Allbritton/CNN Underscored

Christopher Allbritton/CNN Underscored

The Apple Sport Loop is designed with intense workouts in mind. The nylon fabric is lightweight and breathable for ultimate comfort while you sweat. The skin side of the band is a soft material with built-in cushioning that helps wick sweat, and it’s easy to get on or off with the included Velcro strap.

From $35 at Amazon
$49 at Apple

Apple Solo Loop



While not specifically fitness-related, Apple’s Solo Loop is comfortable and easy to slip on and off. The silicone material is waterproof and fits snugly while you run, lift, or swim. We also appreciate that it comes in six different colors.

$49 at Apple

Nike Sport Band



This classic Sport Band is made from fluoroelastomer with compression molded holes that allow your skin to breathe throughout your workout. It’s also available in bright, colorful hues, like magic ember or pure platinum.

$49 at Apple
$49 at Nike

Nomad Sport Band in Racing Yellow



Noma’s Sport Band is 100% waterproof and offers interior ventilation channels. We’ve been testing this band for about a month now and have been impressed with the comfort and durability throughout high-intensity workout classes and at-home Pilates alike. Plus, it reduces sweat buildup on our wrist.

$60 at Nomad Goods

Nomad Rugged Apple Watch Band

Rugged Band - Nomad GoodsRugged Band - Nomad Goods

Rugged Band – Nomad Goods

Perfect for all sorts of adventures, the Rugged Band secures like a traditional watch strap, has a breathable ribbed design, and is entirely waterproof. It’s a great choice if you enjoy exercising outdoors, while the secure clasp means your watch stays put and looks as good as it feels.

$60 at Nomad Goods

CaseMate Pelican Apple Watch Bumper

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