Top 5 Alternatives to AirTag in 2024

If you’re somewhat forgetful or just want the added security of knowing where your stuff is, AirTags can be quite fantastic. Regrettably, they tend to be a tad costly and, worse, only operate within the Apple Find My App network, so if you’re not an Apple user, then you can’t really use AirTags. Fortunately, you do have some alternatives, and there’s definitely a massive range of options that you can choose from based on your preferences. some options might even be superior to an AirTag, depending on where you are. To that end, we’ve gathered five of our favorite AirTag substitutes below, so make sure to thoroughly check them out.

The Best AirTag Alternatives in 2024

  • Buy the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 if you want the supreme AirTag alternative for Samsung users
  • Buy the Tile Pro if you want the ultimate rugged AirTag alternative
  • Buy the Chipolo ONE Spot if you want the premium AirTag alternative for battery life
  • Buy the Pebblebee Clip if you want the top AirTag alternative for Apple users
  • Buy the Cube GPS if you want the best GPS AirTag alternative

SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag2

Supreme AirTag alternative for Samsung users

Pros Cons
Outstanding network coverage Locked to Samsung devices only
Extremely long range
IP67 Rating

If you want to use the Samsung network, get the Galaxy SmartTag2 since its network has expanded alongside its widespread devices. It’s an excellent substitute for the AirTag and won’t affect the large network accessibility, which might be an issue with some other devices.

Another major benefit of the SmartTag2 is its longer battery life compared to the AirTag. Moreover, it’s quite rugged and holds an IP67 resistance, allowing it to handle elements well, making it a fine choice for attaching to keychains or exposed items.

The SmartTag2’s range is approximately 400 feet, four times larger than what the AirTag can handle, making it quite a compelling alternative. However, it is exclusive to Samsung’s SmartThings app and Samsung devices.

400 feet
Battery life
500+ days
Compatibility Samsung Devices

Tile Pro

First-rate rugged AirTag alternative

Tile / Tile
Pros Cons
Highly rugged Only operates within the Tile network
Exceptional design

For a rugged and practical keychain tracker, the Tile Pro is an excellent option. It shares a number of impressive attributes with the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 and is a fantastic substitute if you lack Samsung device compatibility. However, it only works within the Tile network, which might be a downside compared to Apple and Samsung.

Regarding range, the Tile Pro has a physical range of up to 400 feet, which is noteworthy. It possesses a similar battery life as the AirTag, lasting up to one year. There’s also a handy “find your phone” feature on the Tile, enabling you to ring your phone, even when it’s silent. Furthermore, it is rugged and has an IP67 rating, and has an easily replaceable, standard CR2032 battery.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS, making it quite versatile. However, some advanced features are locked behind a subscription service, such as a smart alert if the Tile Pro becomes too distant from you.

400 feet
Battery life
1 year
Compatibility Tile Network

Chipolo ONE Spot

Outstanding AirTag alternative for battery life

Pros Cons
Extended battery life Non-replaceable battery
Can function as a camera shutter

To ensure your tracker has a long and durable lifespan and doesn’t require frequent battery changes, opt for the Chipolo ONE Spot. It boasts a robust two-year lifespan, although its non-replaceable battery might be a downside for some.

It comes with a 200-foot range, as it’s available in versions that support Apple or the Google Find My App. In addition, it has a loud 120dB siren, acts as a camera shutter, and is small and relatively ergonomic.

400 feet
Battery life
2 years
Compatibility Apple or Google Find My App, depending on version

Pebblebee Clip

Top Apple alternative for the AirTag

Pros Cons
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