Top 5 Must-Have Features for the Apple Watch Ultra 3

When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Pro in 2022, it stood out as one of the top new offerings from the company that year. Finally arriving after years of speculation, it surpassed expectations with the best battery life among Apple Watches, innovative features like the Action button, a large and ultra-bright display, and more.

Fast forward a year, and Apple brought out the Apple Watch Pro 2. While still a solid smartwatch, it felt more like an incremental update rather than a groundbreaking one. Featuring a new S9 processor enabling the Double Tap gesture and localized voice commands for Siri, along with an even brighter display, the design remained strikingly similar to the original Apple Watch Pro.

While it seems like the Apple Watch Pro could benefit from a more frequent upgrade schedule, it remains uncertain whether we’ll see an Apple Watch Pro 3 this year. Some sources indicate a 2025 release as the next target. Regardless, here’s what I hope to see in the upcoming Apple Watch Pro 3.

Brave enough to introduce the dark titanium

Concept of the Apple Watch Pro 2 in a dark titanium finish.Concept of the Apple Watch Pro 2 in a dark titanium finish.

Prior to the launch of the Apple Watch Pro 2, rumors were rife about Apple introducing a new color variant. The original titanium Apple Watch Series 5 came in a stunning Space Black shade reminiscent of Batman, fueling speculation that the Apple Watch Pro 2 would follow suit.

However, on its release, the Apple Watch Pro 2 stuck to its original natural titanium hue, sporting orange accents on the Digital Crown and Action button. This lack of a new color option left many disappointed, myself included.

Looking forward to the Apple Watch Pro 3, my fervent wish is for Apple to embrace a new color scheme, preferably the sleek Space Black titanium. Having owned the black titanium Apple Watch Series 5, I found it to be a favorite due to its sophisticated appearance that pairs well with any outfit.

Given the distinctive orange accents of the Apple Watch Pro, a black color variant would offer a perfect harmony. Black and orange are iconic Halloween colors, and I’d gladly sport a spooky Apple Watch year-round.

Enhanced battery longevity

Power saving mode on the Apple Watch Pro.Power saving mode on the Apple Watch Pro.

Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

One of the standout features of the Apple Watch Pro compared to the base Apple Watch Series is its impressive battery life. With a larger case size, the Apple Watch Pro accommodates a bigger battery, translating to extended usage hours.

The Apple Watch Pro can deliver around 36 hours of usage on a single charge, nearly doubling that of the standard Apple Watch. Activating Low Power mode can further stretch it to 72 hours.

While this battery endurance is commendable for an Apple Watch, some other smartwatches boast even lengthier lifespans. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, a top pick for smartwatches, can last roughly two full days with its always-on display and continuous heart rate tracking. Moreover, the Garmin Forerunner 265 smartwatch can power through about four days on a single charge.

Not demanding a week’s worth of battery life, it would still be satisfying for the Apple Watch Pro to run for a minimum of two full days sans recharge.

Sun-powered innovation

Battery life page on the Apple Watch Pro 2.Battery life page on the Apple Watch Pro 2.

Joe Maring / Digital Trends

An intriguing feature that could benefit more smartwatches is solar charging. If the primary purpose of wearing a smartwatch is for health and fitness tracking, then being outdoors plays a significant role. Tailored for “extreme” activities mostly outdoors, the Apple Watch Pro could leverage secondary solar charging for staying powered during outdoor workouts and adventures while maintaining battery life.

While retaining the option for quick charging with the puck, integrating solar charging into the Apple Watch Pro would offer an eco-friendly and efficient method of keeping the device juiced up during outdoor endeavors. Not an unattainable feat, as evidenced by fitness watches like the Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar and Garmin Instinct Solar, the adoption of solar charging by companies, Apple included, should be encouraged.

An improved display with microLED

User showcasing the Apple Watch Pro 2 with the Modular Pro watch face.User sporting an Apple Watch Pro 2 with the Modular Pro watch face.

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