Top 5 Reasons I Swear By My MagSafe Phone Case (And Why You Should Too)

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If you’re an iPhone user who keeps hearing about the term MagSafe, but you don’t understand exactly how it would benefit you, don’t worry; not too long ago, I was in the same situation. However, since shifting to a MagSafe case, my entire phone experience has been optimized, and I am here to inform you how yours can be, too. 

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The only thing that separates a regular phone case from a MagSafe case is that it has magnets, often recognized by a ring on the back of cases, that securely snap your MagSafe-compatible iPhone (iPhone12 or later) to MagSafe accessories, such as chargers, battery packs, wallets, stands, tripods, and more. 

Using a MagSafe case might seem like a minor difference, but it unlocks a world of potential, enhancing how you charge and interact with your phone. Don’t trust my word? Read below for some of the reasons you should try a MagSafe case. 

1. Enjoy quicker, wireless charging 

Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

With MagSafe charging, you take advantage of more secure, faster charging, compared to traditional wireless charging. This arrangement is facilitated by the magnets found on the back of the phone case and the wireless charger that helps position the device for maximum power transfer, resulting in a quicker, more effective charge. 

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To quantify this quicker charging, MagSafe can deliver a power output of 15W compared to the standard Qi wireless output of 7.5W. This discrepancy means that by using a MagSafe case, you can double the speed of your charge — and who doesn’t want their phone to charge as quickly as possible? I recently tested Anker’s new Qi2 MagGo Charging Station (pictured above) and found it to be a great fit for my needs. 

2. Trouble-free portable charging 

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Due to the magnets found in MagSafe cases and accessories, the phone and the accessory have a firm grasp on each other, allowing for a secure hold. This hold means you can securely latch a MagSafe power bank or portable charger to the back of your phone and get a fast, and efficient charge on the go without the need for pesky wires. 

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There are numerous MagSafe portable chargers on the market, and many of them sport slim, lightweight form factors that rest on your palm as a natural extension of your phone when you are holding it, meaning you can forget it’s even there. 

3. Mount your phone wherever you need

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If you want a holder for your phone to remain propped up on your desk or in the car, a MagSafe accessory is your best bet for a hassle-free, secure hold. 

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Instead of relying on phone holders that are meant to claw onto your phone (and fail to do so every time), you can simply place the back of your phone onto the stand, where it will magnetically attach and stay for extended periods of time. Many portable chargers and phone grips include a stand as a bonus. 

4. Take advantage of fun, unique, and useful accessories 

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Regardless of which phone accessory you’re searching for, a MagSafe solution probably exists. For instance, ZDNET experts regularly test and recommend their favorite MagSafe accessories, like this MagSafe wallet, charging station, portable charger, and car mount. On Amazon you’ll also find PopSockets, finger straps, tripods, and more. 

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5. Swap out accessories with ease 

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In one second, your phone can be snapped onto a portable charger. The next, your phone can be snapped onto a wallet without any adhesive. Some accessories, such as the Snap Luxe 4 (pictured above), will even let you layer different MagSafe accessories on top of each other. 

If you are an Android user, there’s a solution for you, too…

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ranging from $5 to $17

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There is also a chance that the adhesive can loosen on your phone, for instance, with heat from a car vent, causing your phone to dislodge itself from the accessory. Refer to ZDNET’s how-to guide for more information on how to add MagSafe to your Android phone. 

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