Top 5 Smartwatches Designed for Petite Wrists in 2024

With the expanding smartwatch market, it can be challenging to differentiate excellent smartwatches from the less impressive ones. Subjective factors like design, software, apps, and battery life contribute to what makes one watch better than another.

Best smartwatches for small wrists

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 in black, positioned at an angle

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Best overall

Lightweight device with hefty features

$237 $300 Save $63

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a compact, lightweight smartwatch with various wristband sizes available. This watch comes equipped with fitness trackers, and sleep coaching, and synchronizes across all Samsung devices. This allows calls, texts, and phone alerts to be received and responded to via the watch.

Choosing the right smartwatch

Choosing a smartwatch can be a daunting task, with all the competing brands, models, and features out there. Those with smaller wrist sizes must also factor size into the equation to avoid designs that are too large and will compromise fit. The most important attributes to consider are case/screen and band measurements. Note that smaller cases mean smaller screens, so you may have to sacrifice some real estate to get the perfect watch. And some watch bands are even interchangeable, so it is possible that a standard band can be swapped out for a better fit.

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