Top New Xbox Games for the Week of February 5-11

Xbox players will have to rearrange their backlogs once again as 15 brand new Xbox games are set to launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC next week. While there will be fewer major releases, there will still be some intriguing games. The Inquisitor, Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure, and Cannibal Abduction are all set to be released on February 8.

See below for a list of everything coming to the Xbox universe next week and be sure to let us know which of these you’re considering picking up in the comments!

– February 6

Alisa Developer’s Cut — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Dive into the golden age of horror-themed action-adventure games as you take on the role of Alisa, a royal agent tasked with pursuing a wanted criminal. She finds herself transported and trapped inside a peculiar Victorian mansion haunted by odd mechanoid dolls. This developer’s cut is the definitive version of the critically acclaimed game ALISA.

Sydney Hunter And The Curse Of The Mayan — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

In this pixel-perfect homage to classic action platformers, you assume the role of Sydney Hunter, an explorer who becomes trapped in a Mayan pyramid while on an exploration!

– February 7

Dungeonoid 2 Awakening — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Destroy blocks on your quest for success in an adventurous blend of nostalgic game genres! Classic dungeon crawling gets a block-busting turn in Dungeonoid 2 Awakening, an adventure presented in a retro pixel art style. Choose from 4 role-playing classes, each with unique stats and special skills, and embark on a quest to defeat evil by controlling a floating platform to deflect a magical orb into targets along the way.

– February 8

Cannibal Abduction — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Cannibal Abduction tells the chilling tale of Henry’s attempt to escape from the home of a cannibalistic family before he becomes their next meal. If you survive, venture into an abandoned post office for discarded items as Adam in The Night of the Scissors! Horror master Tomás Esconjaureguy presents two twisted tales of terror in this thrilling VHS-styled low-poly survival horror collection that is a must-have for slasher enthusiasts. Avoid the killers by using shadows or hiding spots and solve light puzzles. Carefully staying hidden may not always be enough to escape.

Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Explore, gather resources, farm, craft tools and gear, build a base or a cozy home – Ikonei Island is yours to uncover! Befriend magical creatures and battle monsters with friends or solo!

Invector: Rhythm Galaxy — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

From Warner Music and Hello There Games, Invector: Rhythm Galaxy invites players to embark on a musical journey through the universe to experience a new way to play and engage with the songs they love. Soar through vibrant celestial landscapes perfectly synced to the beats of chart-topping hits from today’s biggest stars. Compete against friends and family in local multiplayer action or master the rhythm of 40 songs in single-player mode.

Mustache In Hell — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Mustache in Hell is a comical twin-stick action game. You, along with your mustache, must battle hordes of enemies, collect loot, upgrade weapons, and take on enormous bosses.

The Inquisitor — Xbox Series X|S

Jesus did not die on the cross, but descended and unleashed vengeance on all the nonbelievers. 1500 years later, an army of Inquisitors brutally enforce the faith. In this dark fantasy adventure, you solve intricate cases and uncover abysmal secrets as Inquisitor Mordimer Madderdin.

Deathly Dangerous — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Deadly and equally dangerous—our nameless hero, who vowed to defeat all the evildoers of this fantasy land! Armed with a scythe and two automatic pistols, he will tolerate no one who stands in his way. DD is a new twin-stick action game with a strong emphasis on dynamic combat, roguelike elements, and neat pixel art style.

Choice of Life: Middle Ages 2 — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Jubilee — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Jump and spin through Jubilee’s precision platforming. No upgrades, no powerups, just you, gems to collect, and animals to rescue on your way to freedom!

Control:Override — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Prisonela DX — Xbox Series X|S

Prisonela DX

The Tales of Bayun — Xbox Series X|S

Manitas Kitchen — Xbox Series X|S

Bring together a group of dinosaurs with extraordinary skills to create the best kitchen brigade the world has ever seen. All under the supervision of a very rude and very tiny boss.

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