Top Water Pals in Palworld

Water-element Pals tend to possess a great combination of combat effectiveness and utility for working in camp. Below are the best options available in Palworld.

Even though Flame-type Pals are unquestionably the strongest in the game as a whole, their Achilles’ heel, the Water-element kin, are also formidable in camp, where watering skills play a vital role in food production.

Beyond camp, Water Pals are the optimum choice for tackling some of the fiercest foes in the game, as players aim to add them to their collections. They are not all created equal; some stand out from their peers thanks to their skills and overall prowess.

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Continue reading to discover the top choices among them.


Palworld Paldeck 13 Gobfin Water-type PalPocketpair
  • Type: Water-type
  • Partner Ability: Furious Shark – When activated, assaults the targeted enemy with a potent attack. While in a team, it enhances the player’s attack power.
  • Employability: Handiwork Lv. 1, Transporting Lv. 1, Watering Lv. 2

One of the angriest looking little creatures in Palworld, it’s highly recommended to acquire Gobfin relatively early on. Though not as formidable as some of the later Pals in this list, it’s greatly valuable in combat due to its high-damage Partner Ability.

Additionally, it has exceptional utility around camp, contributing to multiple tasks, even if only at a low level. Though Gobfin will likely be replaced as the game progresses, it’s the best alternative for the first ten or so levels.

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Palworld Paldeck 3 Relaxaurus Water-type PalPocketpair
  • Element: Dragon/Water-type
  • Partner Skill: Hungry Missile – Can be ridden. It can rapidly discharge a missile launcher while mounted.
  • Work Suitability: Watering Lv. 1, Transporting Lv. 2

Arguably the most adorable Dragon companion in Palworld, Relaxaurus is an incredibly well-rounded Water-type that’s well worth obtaining as early as possible. The Partner Skill transforms the player and their Pal into a complete wrecking crew, raining down destruction from above.

The Transporting skill is fantastic to have around camp to expedite the collection of resources, and the Watering skill provides additional utility, even at Lv. 1.

Suzaku Aqua

suzaku aqua the Water-type Pal in palworld
  • Element: Water-type
  • Partner Skill: Wings of Water – Can be ridden as a Flying mount that enhances water attacks
  • Work Suitability: Watering Lv. 3

Suzaku Aqua has an incredible design and is one of the few Water-type flying mounts in the game. It offers excellent combat bonuses to the player, granting additional Water damage to basic attacks of any kind. It also does significant damage in its own right, tearing through many of its peers on the Paldeck.

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Though it only has one Work Suitability, it is an effective one. Watering at Lv.3 is a relatively unusual trait and worth having if you’re struggling to keep up with your Pals’ demands for food.


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