Unexpected Character Tops the Street Fighter 6 Match Up Charts for Legend and Master Ranks

Street Fighter 6 is the first mainline entry in the series to incorporate a ranking structure that resets periodically for those at the top with exclusive levels, resulting in some intriguing changes in characters and players over that period.

Upon entering Phase 3, the talented Cat Cammy recently combed through the data and constructed a couple of match up charts for SF6 focusing on Legend vs. Legend and closely ranked Master sets.

When it comes to the Master ranked players, Cat Cammy attempted something slightly different to make the numbers more evenly balanced with less difference between player strength.

This chart only includes players with at least 1,700 MR points from matches where their opponent was within 30 MR of their points to keep things in close proximity.

Even with the adjustments, Luke and JP still received the highest rating and were given an S tier ranking while Ken had just under a 50% win rate and placed fifth out of the cast.

Interestingly, Luke does not have the best win record overall, however, as he is only at 50.16% while Marisa has a 50.65% win rate like JP, but she’s only in B tier — so why is that?

Well, Cat Cammy also assigned these tier rankings based on the quality and amount of games that make up their total match ups against characters, so Luke has a better time against the stronger / more popular fighters like JP, Dee Jay and Juri.

The third S tier pick that might be a bit surprising here is Rashid, who has a slight edge over JP, Guile, Blanka and others, and that was enough to get him a high spot despite being slightly below 50% overall.

Another point of interest is actually Dhalsim, who has some of the best match ups by the numbers with Lily and Zangief giving him a 60%+ win rate, but the fighter himself is down in D tier.

That seems to be due to the low popularity of all of those characters, so there’s fewer games to count on as well as his bad spread against those popular / strong fighters.

Legend and Master Street Fighter 6 match up charts image #1
Legend and Master Street Fighter 6 match up charts image #2

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A.K.I., for what it’s worth, is rated about the middle of the pack in B tier right under Dee Jay.

Moving on to the Legend vs. Legend match ups from Phase 2, Cat Cammy actually gave Rashid the top spot overall in S tier, and he does indeed have the highest overall win rate in this case with 52.66%.

The first DLC character does have fewer matches than, for example, Luke, Chun-Li and JP, but his match ups themselves are all positive except Luke, A.K.I. and Guile being his only pairings under 50% here.

Dhalsim is around the middle of the pack as far as Legend players go apparently instead of being at the bottom, and Zangief is right there too.

The stretchy yoga master even has the only match up with a win rate above 70% against poor Lily to boot.

Ryu and E. Honda are the ones bringing up the rear in this chart, and they’ve both got some pretty dire match ups such as the Shoto losing 65% of the time against Guile.

If we consider that there may actually be fewer games to rely on, there appears to be some more differences in terms of the spread across the board for the Legend players compared to the Master ranks.

It’s going to be intriguing to keep an eye on this and see if things change much for Phase 3 over the next few months, but this is also making us very curious to look into how these match up spreads compare with players who are down in say the Platinum and Gold ranks too.

There’d presumably be some wide differences in the characters being used and who’s winning sets.

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