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The institution of Wollongong (UoW) has commenced the solicitation today (February 2nd) for the Master of Computing (Data Analytics) and Graduate Certificate in Computing program for a start this July. The application process will occur online, and interested learners can apply at the university website —

The Master of Computing (Data Analytics) program is devised to unite computing and data analytics knowledge, accommodating various graduates, while mastering the technical and ethical dimensions of the field.

The Graduate Certificate in Computing provides a postgraduate orientation to computing for scholars without previous knowledge of IT and computing. It will enable graduates and professionals from a non-IT background to supplement their existing knowledge and skill set with a recognized qualification in computing.

The entrance criteria for the programs offered at the GIFT City campus (Gujarat) are the same as those for UOW’s Australian campuses, including an undergraduate degree, work experience, and an English language assessment (IELTS – overall score 6.5).

Additionally, scholars studying at UOW India will have the chance to study a semester at one of the UOW international campuses where the equivalent degree is provided.

The University of Wollongong (UoW) is presently developing a Women Leaders in Fintech Scholarship program. This initiative is concentrated on networking, mentoring, and sponsorship opportunities for women in the financial technology sector.

This scholarship will aim to support emerging women in FinTech who are enrolling at the GIFT City International Branch Campus within the UoW global network. “This effort reflects the University of Wollongong’s commitment to addressing the underrepresentation of women in the FinTech sector. It is reported that only 2% of Fintechs worldwide have been founded by women and there is a significant lack of female representation in leadership roles within this industry,” UOW Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Strategy) Professor Tony Travaglione told

The Global Women’s Fintech Collaboration, including the scholarship program, is being led by senior female academics from across UOW’s global network. Both are recognized for their work in empowering women, promoting diversity, and applying innovative teaching and learning methods.

Furthermore, the Master of FinTech program at UOW welcomes women who are re-entering the workforce, addressing a critical need in India. Interested students are encouraged to check UOW India’s website regularly for more information, Professor Travaglione added.

Principal components to recognize while applying for UoW India campus
Regarding important aspects to consider before applying to the UoW India campus, Professor Travaglione said that applying to a university is a significant step in a student’s academic journey. Factors such as investigating programs that align with their career goals, admission requirements, and most importantly application deadlines are of vital importance. These are among the factors that students should consider when applying to a university. The application process can be competitive, so thorough preparation and attention to detail are essential for a successful outcome.

Master of Financial Technology and a Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology programs
In addition to delivering Computing programs, UOW India will offer a Master of Financial Technology and a Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology (subject to final approval) programs this year.

UOW is ranked among the top 250 universities globally for Accounting and Finance subjects, with a well-deserved reputation for excellence. The FinTech courses will furnish students with the skills, knowledge, and experience required for triumph in finance and the emerging field of Financial Technology.

The Master of Financial Technology program is developed to offer students a comprehensive understanding of the financial technology industry and its influence on the global economy.

The Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology is a shorter course for students who wish to obtain specialized knowledge in computing with a concentration on finance.

Reasons to consider UoW
Deliberating on why Indian scholars should mull over the university, Professor Travaglione stated that once the operations are underway, the University of Wollongong India will be the second highest ranked university in India in the QS World University Rankings 2024.

“The University is recognized for providing a world-class education across its campuses, and Indian students pursuing to earn an Australian degree can now access the same first-rate education from the comfort of staying in India. UOW is rated as one of the top 200 universities worldwide for Computer Science and Information Technology. Our students will also benefit from industry partnerships that provide them with meaningful work experience and prepare them for successful careers in the field,” she explained.

“UOW is currently enlisting local academics who will be supported by academics from our global network. The ratio of academic staff to students will be the same as that of the Australian campus, ensuring a personal and accessible approach that UOW is proud of. Courses have been rigorously developed by professors across UOW’s global computing and IT schools in collaboration to create outstanding courses that meet UOW’s and global employer standards,” Professor Travaglione added.

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