Upgrade of The Weather Channel App Comes with Exciting New Features

The Weather Channel introduced a revamped and reconstructed app on Monday, with the goal of enhancing people’s preparedness for disruptive weather. The app now furnishes more comprehensive data about the weather, along with new characteristics to facilitate a better comprehension of how severe weather could impact daily activities.

“In our continual quest to ensure public safety and boost quality of life, it is vital to us,” stated Sheri Bachstein, CEO of the Weather Company, in a press release. “From anticipating a storm to organizing a social gathering or journey, as well as understanding the effects of air quality on health or deciding the best time to go for a hike.”

The Weather Channel app still displays fundamental elements, such as the daily and weekly forecast. However, I observed that the new features provide users with a superior understanding of the quality of the weather in their region.

Displayed below is a list of the latest features and updates in the Weather Channel app.

Prominent Display of Current Weather and Future Outlook

Upon launching the updated app, a live banner at the top of the home screen showcases the current temperature and prevailing conditions at your location. For example, if it’s overcast, you will observe clouds moving across the sky, and if it’s sunny, there will be a clear-blue sky. However, occasionally, you may encounter ads in this banner, such as promotions from McDonald’s, which I found to be quite startling when it appeared at the bottom of a weather report.

Beneath this banner, you will find a menu allowing you to select between the “Today” and “This Week” options. “Today” offers an hourly breakdown of your day, showing fluctuations in variables like humidity, wind speed, and the “feels like” temperature throughout the day. It also provides a brief description of what to expect that day, like “Anticipate the risk of frozen pipelines tonight due to cold temperatures.”

On the other hand, “This Week” provides a rundown of the week’s upcoming weather, along with a concise description such as, “Saturday will be the most pleasant day in the next 7 days.”

The Weather Channel also mentioned that, when the local area is bracing for severe weather conditions, such as a hurricane or winter storm, an additional menu option will appear to furnish detailed forecasts to aid in preparation.

The brief descriptions found in both sections are incredibly useful, particularly when it comes to alerting about harsh climate conditions. While glancing at the forecast, I can typically estimate the quality of the weather based on temperature and the sun or cloud icon. Nonetheless, these brief descriptions eliminate the need for guesswork when it comes to interpreting the forecast.

Enhanced Tools for Health and Well-being

If concerns about the prevalence of diseases in your area trouble you, the Weather Channel app can now forewarn you before you step outside. The app can also offer suggestions and tools related to various health conditions susceptible to the influence of weather, including colds and influenza. Furthermore, there exists a segment focused on skin health, providing insights about the probability of encountering dry skin and the likelihood of getting sunburned at a specific time outdoors.

The Weather Channel has also included a new feature focused on forecasting air quality. This feature evaluates elements such as air pollution, wildland smoke, humidity, and more to generate a new Breathing Index. This index aims to offer a better understanding of the necessary preventive measures to shield against air quality issues throughout the day.

These features are easily digestible at a glance due to color-coded indicators and concise descriptions. For instance, if the Breathing Index is favorable, this feature would display a green indicator and indicate “Very Good.” Additionally, you can avail further details by tapping into these features to obtain an in-depth analysis of your day and week.

The Weather Channel revealed plans to incorporate additional sections in the future, addressing heat illnesses, migraines, and even pet health.

Nonetheless, be prepared for some confusion stemming from advertisements and sponsorships. Certain features are sponsored by companies such as CVS, and their sponsorship will be displayed in these features. Even though it may seem like an advertisement, these are fully functional features. Prior to downloading the app, you can expect to encounter various advertisements, most of which will have a banner declaring “Advertisement.” While I’m accustomed to these in-app advertisements, I found it disconcerting when a full-page advertisement suddenly obstructed my attempt to access the radar. Since there was no apparent way to close the ad, I ended up closing the app and reopening it.

Functionalities to Assist in Planning Outdoor Activities

The Weather Channel app has introduced a new “Activities” tab designed to facilitate better planning for outdoor activities such as dog walking. This tab aims to offer insight into when the weather is suitable for activities such as hiking or jogging. Additionally, there are new features focused on the position of the sun and moon, intended to help plan for high and low tides, inform about celestial events, and more.

Previously, I experienced frustration while trying to take my dog for a walk around my neighborhood. Relying solely on my iPhone’s preinstalled Weather app, I would attempt to fit in a walk before the rain, only to be caught in the rain halfway through the walk. Alternatively, I would postpone walks in anticipation of the rain subsiding in 10 minutes, but the app would continually push back that timing by a half-hour. While the “Activities” tab may not conclusively predict the best times for dog-walking, it offers guidance without affirming that the rain will cease in five or 15 minutes.

Personalized Content and Extended Reality Experience

As per the Weather Channel, answering certain questions within the app will result in provision of content customized to your preferences regarding weather conditions and topics like gardening and pet care. This content is presented in the form of articles, videos, and other media, appearing farther down on the app’s home screen and under the “News” tab.

It is to be noted that premium subscribers of the Weather Channel app ($5 monthly or $30 annually) will soon have access to an extended reality (XR) experience within the app. The XR experience will showcase virtual environments intended to enhance understanding of the impact of specific weather conditions, such as intense pollen or storms, in your area.

In general, the alterations to the Weather Channel app are beneficial and useful for better structuring my day, although an occasional advertisement, such as a McDonald’s promotion, may appear.

iPhone users can experience these changes and additions by downloading the Weather Channel app from Apple’s App Store free of charge. Users with Android devices must wait until later this year for these adjustments, although the app can still be downloaded for free from the Google Play store now.

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