Using AirTags to Keep Track of My Pet

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Apple AirTags are renowned around HuffPost Shopping for being fantastic. They’re a beloved choice among HuffPost shopping editors, one of the highest-selling items among HuffPost readers, and endorsed by almost 90,000 5-star reviews on Amazon for helping locate stolen vehicles, lost luggage, misplaced keys and wallets, and more.

The reason I’m finally going ahead with this highly-regarded location-tracking device is because of my pet cat, Bee.

I’m troubled by the possibility of her getting lost. Even though she has a collar and a microchip with my contact information that could be scanned at a vet’s office or shelter, and she is primarily an indoor cat, I know that it would only take an accidentally open door for her to escape. Ultimately, I don’t want to rely on someone else’s kindness to find, report, or return her. I want to have tools available to quickly locate her myself.

After all, I will never forget when my family lost our childhood dog, before the era of GPS trackers and AirTags (or the prevalence of smartphones, for that matter). Being at the mercy of someone else approaching him to read his collar or get his microchip read was incredibly stressful and frightening. Fortunately, a neighbor did find our dog, but I never want to be in that position again — and fortunately, with today’s technology, pet owners don’t have to be.

Equipping Bee with an AirTag alleviates a significant amount of worry. I have peace of mind that if anything were to happen, I’d be able to access her location immediately and find her. If she’s just hiding in the house, that’s even better; if she’s down the street or even miles away, I’ll be on my way.

The Apple AirTag can help you keep track of your keys, wallet, car, luggage and pets.
The Apple AirTag can help you keep track of your keys, wallet, car, luggage and pets.

Owners can also have an AirTag notify them when a pet (or whatever item they’ve attached it to) is getting further away, so they can be aware of the situation before it escalates or before a pet gets farther away. The AirTag can also make a sound to help you find it quickly, which is especially useful when a pet — or your wallet — is simply under the couch

Apple encrypts AirTags for maximum privacy and protection, and the gadgets are also water- and dust-resistant to withstand whatever mischief a pet gets into. If you’re already in the Apple ecosystem with other Apple devices, all the better, since AirTags use the same Find My app. You’ll be able to track your dog or cat’s location through your phone or laptop or from the Cloud, wherever you are.

Tile Mates, another popular tracker, can also track objects and pets, though only within a limited Bluetooth range of up to several hundred feet, after which you can view the last location the Tile was detected within that range. After sifting through numerous reviews for AirTags and Tiles, I found that users generally find that AirTags are easier to use and offer a more intuitive setup, especially since many people are already using the Find My app for their other Apple devices

AirTags are sold individually as well as in packs of four; I’ll probably pick up a four-pack so I can also keep track of my car, wallet, and keys while making sure my princess is safe and secure.

There are a variety of products available that enable pet owners to simply slide an AirTag onto a pet’s existing collar. Since a hanging “keychain” design can weigh on pets’ necks, jostle around, and generally be a bit uncomfortable, I’ve rounded up some the best slide-on AirTag holders available. Check out these great options from Amazon and Etsy:


A glow-in-the-dark AirTag holder with sizes for dog and cat collars

This soft silicone AirTag holder comes in two sizes, one to best fit dog collars and the other to fit cat collars. It’s designed to feel comfy on your pet’s skin and comes in a variety of colors. Its coolest feature? It also glows in the dark, so you and others will be able to see and find your fur baby even when it’s nighttime. It’s available in packs of two and four.


A smaller option for small dogs and cats

This slide-on silicone option is a bit smaller to best fit the slimmer 3/8-inch collars of small dog breeds and cats, and comes in a variety of cute colors. (You can also slide it onto any object with a strap that you want to keep track of.) It’s available in packs of two.


A flexible slide-on option that isn’t bulky

Non-dangling with a tight, secure loop, this option protects your AirTag without being bulky on your pet’s collar. It comes in multiple colors and packs of one or two.


A looped holder

This silicone holder has two loops to attach to your pet’s collar. It’s designed to fit snugly and comfortably on collars between 0.8–1 inch, without shaking or jostling.


An Etsy bestseller that can be customized with your phone number

You can personalize this looped silicone holder with your relevant info, and I love its mountain design.


Another Etsy design with an option for your address

For even greater peace of mind, this Etsy seller offers designs that include an address and phone number. There are 10 bright colors available.

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