Using the Galaxy Watch’s Temperature Sensor: A Guide

Key Takeaways

  • Only the Galaxy Watch 5 series and newer models feature a temperature sensor.
  • You can monitor your skin temperature using Samsung Health, but you’ll need a third-party app for immediate measurement.
  • Your Galaxy Watch’s temperature sensor is not a substitute for a thermometer. Do not use it to gauge your body temperature.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 includes numerous sensors for checking your vitals, including temperature. However, how do you employ it to gauge your temperature? And can you use it to check the warmth or coolness of a surface? We’ll discover below.

Which Galaxy Watch Models Have a Temperature Sensor?


Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch6
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Before learning the usage of the temperature sensor, first, ascertain if your Galaxy Watch has one. Here’s the list of compatible models as of February 2024:

  • Galaxy Watch 5
  • Galaxy Watch 5 Classic
  • Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
  • Galaxy Watch 6
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

If you’re unsure which Samsung Galaxy Watch you own, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe up on your Galaxy Watch’s home screen to open the app menu.
  2. Tap the Settings icon, then swipe down and tap About watch.

You should see your Galaxy Watch’s model name at the top, above the model number. It is assumed that you’ve already set up your Galaxy Watch before using the watch to check your temperature. If you haven’t done that, check out our Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 setup guide, which is also applicable to the newest Galaxy Watch models.

How to Track Your Skin Temperature on a Galaxy Watch

Aside from the Galaxy Watch, you also need the Samsung Health app on your phone to monitor your skin temperature. This comes pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy phones, but you need to download it from the Google Play Store if you paired your smartwatch to a non-Samsung Android phone.

Download:Samsung Health (Free)

  1. Open the Samsung Health app and tap Sleep.
  2. In the upper-right corner, tap the three dots and choose Advanced measurement.
  3. Toggle on Skin temperature during sleep.

This is just the skin temperature, not your body’s internal temperature. If you need to check for a fever, please use a thermometer or consult your doctor.

Once enabled, you can track your skin’s temperature while you sleep. However, you cannot view a surface’s current temperature using the Samsung Health app.

How to Measure Surface Temperature on a Galaxy Watch

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