What is the best tap-to-pay system available?

Our mobile phones have become essential digital wallets, eliminating the need to carry physical cards. With Google Wallet and Samsung Pay leading the tap-to-pay market, selecting the most suitable option for your requirements can be challenging. Both applications are compatible with most Android devices and our preferred Android smartwatches. The choice between the two depends on your specific needs.

A brief history of Google Wallet and Samsung Pay

There have been several changes to Samsung Pay and Google Wallet over the years, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of digital payments.

Samsung Pay

Initially launched in 2015, Samsung Pay was rebranded as Samsung Wallet in certain regions in June 2022. The new application consolidated the Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass applications into a central hub for all payment-related activities, digital identification, digital keys, and loyalty programs on Samsung Galaxy devices. Despite the name change, the app’s functionality remained the same in South Korea, where it was not renamed Samsung Wallet.

Google Wallet

Originally introduced by Google in 2011, Google Wallet underwent a transformation in 2015 with the launch of Android Pay. These two applications were eventually merged into a single app (Google Pay) in 2018, which was then rebranded to Google Wallet in 2022. Presently, Google Wallet is the predominant name for the application, with the act of making payments through stored cards referred to as Google Pay.

Google Wallet Update

By the year 2024, Google Pay is slated to be discontinued, with its core functions incorporated into Google Wallet. This makes it one of our preferred wallet apps for Android users. Despite the name variations, today’s Google payment applications offer similar features. The app mentioned below is the one referred to throughout this article.

Consider Google Wallet as your all-in-one digital companion for your Android device. Apart from handling tap-to-pay transactions (akin to what Google Pay did), it also expands to securely store essentials such as loyalty cards, boarding passes, digital keys, and even your driver’s license in regions that support it.


How to add and remove credit cards to Google Wallet

Add or remove credit cards in seconds

Installation and device compatibility

The major distinction between Samsung Pay and Google Wallet lies in the devices they support. Samsung phone owners can install any payment service, while users of other Android or iOS devices are limited to Google Wallet. Samsung Pay is exclusively designed for Galaxy phones, with Google Wallet not being accessible on iPhones.

Both Samsung Pay and Google Wallet support membership cards, gift cards, and transit passes in certain locations. Some airlines have introduced plane tickets as well. However, the application relies on your phone number for login purposes.

When it comes to online payments, many retailers accept both platforms as payment gateways, with the numbers steadily increasing. Google Wallet tends to be the more widely accepted platform.

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