What’s on Your Weekend Gaming Agenda? (February 3rd)

Metroid Dread
Image: Nintendo

Summer is here, baby! Apologies, what..? What do you mean we’re grown-ups? Pfft, very well.

Indeed, it’s the weekend, which means it’s time to discover which games we’re all intending to launch. But before we proceed, let’s recap some of the major stories from the week, shall we?

To begin with, we learned that The Pokémon Company submitted a lawsuit against a shady trading card game, so that’s a matter. Sega also revealed that Sonic X Shadow Generations will be arriving on Switch in Fall 2024, which is thrilling!

Analysts were also active this week, asserting that the heavily-rumored ‘Switch 2’ probably won’t be as successful as the current console. We also got hands-on with Nintendo’s upcoming Mario vs. Donkey Kong and left feeling quite positive about its launch later this month.

Now, let’s discover what we’re all playing, shall we?

Felix Sanchez, Video Producer

I’m going to be tackling the 4th chapter in The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. After concluding the first game in the collection almost precisely a year ago, it’s satisfying to be making progress with the second and final game of Naruhodo’s adventures. I’m adoring my time with it thus far; it’s merely an extension of the first game, and it’s wrapping up some unresolved matters, and (what looks like) building up to something magnificent!

Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer

I’ve got a couple of things on the go review-wise at the moment, so there’s not much else I’m playing right now. Having said that, I’m inclined to return to Metroid Dread.

The NL team has listened to me harp on about this, but I misplaced the cartridge a few weeks ago. A couple of days ago, I had a realization, and it turns out I left the cartridge in the box for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. I borrowed it from my brother and thought “I’ll just leave Metroid in here, it’ll be fine”. Clearly, I completely forgot about it.

Regardless, now that my baby’s back, I might just give it another play.

Gavin Lane, Editor

I’m off to a World of Pixar exhibition with the kids this weekend, and I’ve been contemplating the shortage of good Pixar video games. The Toy Story 3 one was meant to be intriguing, correct? I haven’t played Lego Incredibles or the N64 Toy Story 2, both of which seem robust if unremarkable, but I might check them out on Sunday if a wholesome family movie marathon isn’t moving me to tears.

Elsewhere, I finally gave in and redeemed my last Game Voucher for Pikmin 4. I’ve played 1-3 and it was only a matter of time, but I want to get involved now in this early-year quiet period before new games arrive to compound the backlog. I’ve heard the intro is very chatty, but I’m eager to dive in.

Have a fantastic weekend, folks.

Gonçalo Lopes, Contributor

Still completely in love with Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Sargon movement and fighting capabilities are through the roof as I close to the end game. Bit of a nostalgia trip with Arcade Archives Silkworm which is an old Amiga favourite (I do miss Barry Leitch theme tune…) and some more mean shooting action with Telenet Shooting Collection. I will also continue my IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey campaign on PS3 and you can 100% blame Masters of the Air on AplleTV+ for that.

Game of the week is a bit of a cheat. My brand new Anbernic RG35XX H just arrived so I will be sure to give this a run for its money. Imagine that, carrying my entire childhood in my pocket! Truly we live in the future.

Kate Gray, Contributor

My partner is playing Apollo Justice, just as I said last week… but we were too busy this week to play much of it (we watched two plays. TWO! Like some kind of fancy people).

So, this weekend, I’ll likely be playing more Cobalt Core (it’s great), watching him play through AJ:AA, and playing some Enter the Gungeon together. I like all the gun puns.

Off Switch, it’s been Lethal Company for me! It’s goofy but incredibly fun with friends. I doubt it’ll ever come to Switch even though I think the tech needs are pretty low. Also, maybe Enshrouded? My friends and I really enjoyed Valheim and it seems similar! AND a friend sent me Slay The Princess so I’m hyped to finally try that.

Wow, that’s a lot of games. RIP me.

Alana Hagues, Deputy Editor

Admittedly, this weekend I’m mostly going to be playing a PS5 game — Persona 3 Reload. Persona 3 is my favourite Persona game overall (The Persona 2 duology edges it out in the story department, but Atlus doesn’t remember those games exist) but it’s been nine years since I last played it all the way through. So I’m extremely excited to return to Iwatodai.

On Switch, I’m well over halfway through Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and while I am getting a bit burned out after back-to-back long dungeons (Aqua Rock, Gaia Rock, etc…), I’m still loving the sequel. I’ve also seen high praise from our readers on Crystal Project, so I’d like to check out the demo for that too. Happy weekend, and happy February — spring is on the horizon!

That’s what we have planned for the weekend, but what about you? Fill in the following poll with the game that you will be favoring over the next few days and then slide into the comments to let us know what other titles are on the cards.

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