World of Warcraft Class Tier List Released in Preparation for The War Within


  • The Demon Hunter class is highly favored by World of Warcraft players for its mobility and high damage output, making it a top choice for fast-paced gameplay.
  • The Evoker class has become a popular pick for raid teams due to the support and buffs it provides to other damage dealers.
  • The Mage class remains a reliable choice for ranged DPS, and its Fire and Arcane specs have seen significant gains in Mythic+ Dungeons.

Class balancing in World of Warcraft has proven to be a challenge throughout the game’s 20 years of existence. While some classes and specializations are considered to excel in World of Warcraft, others could benefit from adjustments. With The War Within expansion just around the corner, Blizzard should prioritize maintaining class balance.

However, within the MMORPG genre, some player classes in World of Warcraft are more capable than others at times. This list ranks each class based on factors such as performance in the game’s high-end raids and dungeons, and PVP effectiveness. Balance updates made during Patch 10.2.5 and shortly after were also taken into consideration. However, exclusive racial traits that some classes can utilize more than others did not factor into this list. It also took into account individual specializations for each class, based on their performance within their respective roles. Lastly, the list focused solely on Dragonflight, and not on any World of Warcraft Classic game modes like Season of Discovery.


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Demon Hunter: With just two specializations, the Demon Hunter’s mobility and high damage output have made it a clear favorite among World of Warcraft players. Despite receiving some talent reworks throughout the Dragonflight patch cycle, the changes mostly enhanced what the class was already capable of doing as both a Tank and a Melee DPS. While other specs such as the Retribution Paladin have had adjustments to improve their mobility and damage output, the Demon Hunter remains a go-to choice for players looking to try a fast-paced class and look good while doling out some punishment in World of Warcraft.

Evoker: Azeroth’s latest player class, the Dracthyr Evoker, has remained a steady pick in most raid and mythic dungeon compositions. Although it initially launched with the Devastation and Preservation specializations for damage and healing respectively, the addition of the Augmentation spec in WoW Patch 10.1.5 changed the game for both Evokers and World of Warcraft raid teams. Despite some adjustments by Blizzard to bring them in line, Augmentation Evokers remain steadfast additions to most raid teams as of Patch 10.2.5, thanks to the support and buffs they provide to other damage dealers such as Unholy Death Knights.


Death Knight: With two specializations that saw a lot of use following the introduction of the Augmentation Evoker, the dark and brooding Death Knight was given an extra edge as Dragonflight went on. In a raid setting, the Blood Death Knight remained a solid Tank in nearly every encounter within the Amirdrassil raid, and the Unholy Death Knight made a name for itself when coupled with the Augmentation Evoker. However, Frost Death Knights received the short end of the stick, and are due for some tuning to remain competitive with both their Unholy counterparts and other melee DPS.

Mage: As a pure ranged DPS, the Mage continues to serve as a reliable choice in any situation despite its nature as a glass cannon. Though Frost remained a dominant force in both PVP and in some raid tiers, the Fire and Arcane specs saw significant gains in most Mythic+ Dungeons, depending on the dungeon and the affixes at play. While they remain dependent on getting lucky with critical hits, WoW Fire Mages in particular continue to blossom as time goes on.

Paladin: While the Holy and Protection specializations remained steadfast picks in the Healer and Tank roles, the Retribution Paladin was initially left out of some raid compositions due to outstanding issues. However, a special rework of the Retribution Paladin was made in Patch 10.0.7, which gave them more mobility and damage-dealing options than before. While the Paladin still has some quirks to it, its utility and defensive toolkit have made it a staple in most raid and PVP teams. Though the Retribution Paladin continued to be slightly hindered by the “hybrid tax” due to its utility, it received some damage buffs one week after the release of Patch 10.2.5.

Rogue: With updates to its talents and adjustments to the potency of many of its abilities in Dragonflight, the wily Rogue quickly climbed back up the damage charts across all three specializations. Though initially seen as a PVP-focused specialization, the ninja-inspired Subtlety Rogue has seen some additional playing time during the Amirdrassil raid tier. While Subtlety has seen a rise in player count, the poison-focused Assassination spec, and the swashbuckling Outlaws have kept pace. It remains to be seen how the Rogue will evolve with the addition of Hero Specializations in The War Within.


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