World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery Developers Discuss PvP Encounters, GDKP Runs, and Game’s Future

World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery has entered its second phase, prompting a reflection on past achievements and future endeavors. Fortunately, Dexerto had the privilege of conversing with the developers to delve into these topics.

Few WoW players would dispute the offerings of Season of Discovery thus far. The game has transformed many aspects of the Classic model to deliver a fresh experience within a familiar setting. It has also effectively balanced the demands of veteran players with the attraction of new ones.

Nevertheless, two phases remain before the seasonal journey reaches its conclusion.

Lead Software Engineer Nora Valletta and Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield shed light on the future of Season of Discovery, discussing GDKPs, class balancing, and more.

Season of Discovery PvP in Stranglethorn Vale

A troll stands in STV during The Blood Moon PvP event in Season of DiscoveryBlizzard Entertainment

The Blood Moon event in Stranglethorn Vale represents a significant departure from the norm, offering a fresh PvP experience. Greenfield elaborated on the concept behind this new activity.

“We aimed for something entirely distinct from the past. Imagine the Gurubashi Arena ubiquitously present throughout the zone. It’s a new and wild endeavor, unprecedented in WoW history,” he stated.

Valletta highlighted that Stranglethorn Vale was a natural progression for a seasonal experience unafraid to defy conventions. “Transitioning to Stranglethorn Veil skirmishes alongside the iconic Gurubashi arena makes thematic sense,” she remarked.

Bursty PvP in Season of Discovery

The enhanced powers in Season of Discovery have led to significant damage spikes for many classes, resulting in some classes being one-shot in PvP encounters.

Although this can be challenging, it can be mitigated with specific builds. Greenfield stressed that the staggered leveling system plays a role in this and confirmed ongoing efforts to address these issues.

“We anticipated the bursty nature of Season of Discovery, given the gear constraints during leveling. Our goal is to introduce more gear options in future phases to enhance survivability,” Greenfield explained.

He emphasized the importance of balancing player power increase with gear options to ensure PvP events cater to a diverse player base.

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